A Wedding In Vegas

A Wedding In Vegas

I don’t do a lot of wedding photography as I get more enjoyment out of family photo shoots and have somewhat specialized in that area. When I got a wedding invitation three months ago for a very good friend of mine I was somewhat expecting the question to come whether I would take the official photos. Of course I would have said yes and I certainly would not have charged for it. But even then it can be difficult to cross friendship with business and wedding photos are a tough business to be in.

Thankfully I got a call a couple of days after the invite arrived saying that the couple would prefer to have me be able to enjoy the day with them, rather than having to work. Needless to say I was delighted, especially since the wedding was going to be in Vegas. Continue reading “A Wedding In Vegas”

An Awesome Assignment With Local Emergency Services

An Awesome Assignment With Local Emergency ServicesLast weekend there was a local fund raiser and charity event in the park and it had an awesome turn out. The whole family went along and while I had to work for most of it I had an awesome time. I was asked to provide my photography services to document some of the EMS training and demonstrations. Most of the images I was taking would be used in new EMT and Paramedic Training manuals, so I was more than happy to help out for such a good cause.

There were quite a few challenges, as a lot of the demonstration involved large emergency response vehicles and equipment, which I was not used to as a family portrait photographer ;-) Continue reading “An Awesome Assignment With Local Emergency Services”

Handle Your Heating And Cooling Concerns With Professional Help

Handle Your Heating And Cooling Concerns With Professional HelpNearly every household has their very own HVAC system. You are given with a fantastic degree of ease and comfort through this system. Resilience is its one superb quality. Certainly you’ll be able to benefit from the rewards that it gives for several years given that it is presented with excellent care and maintenance. All sorts of system experiences consistent deterioration and this is one point that you should keep in mind. At the same time, there are several things that may influence its performance and efficiency. You must ensure that your system is restored when needed and managed by specialists consistently. Continue reading “Handle Your Heating And Cooling Concerns With Professional Help”

Baby Stroller Photo Shoot

Baby Stroller Photo Shoot

It has been a while since I last had a stroller for my kids, with our youngest aged 7 now. And even though it had only been about 4 years since we got rid of our “collection” of strollers, I was amazed at how much strollers have changed. One of my recent jobs was a marketing photo shoot for BabyWheels who provide professional reviews for some of the top stroller on the market. As I specialize in all things family and kids, I was delighted when I was contacted by them because of my reputation in the industry.

I had originally made contact with them when I took photos for new BabyJogger stroller brochures last year. And just a few months later they booked me in order to take some photos for their latest products reviews. Needless to say, the job was a blast and I had so much fun with the parents and kids; even if it was just a few hours.

One thing I took away from the job though was how much easier things would have been if some these new types of stroller had been around when I kids were small. BabyWheels mainly review umbrella, double and jogging strollers. I was only aware of baby strollers and didn’t have a clue that there were such a variety of different functions available now. Continue reading “Baby Stroller Photo Shoot”

How to buy the best dehumidifier


For all those individuals who have not made their decision on purchasing a humidifier with the fast approaching summer, this is the best time. It is always an option to get the best humidifier so as to remove the extra bit of moisture and the dampness in the home or the basement.

Check the Size:

If one can afford a dehumidifier, it is always best to buy a big dehumidifier for the house. It is always believed that the bigger the humidifier, the better it is. The size of the dehumidifier really matters when an individual is in look for the best device. It needs to be mentioned that size here implies on the capacity of the machine and not the actual size of the device. It is a well know fact that bigger machines are found to be more efficient in removing the water. It is always better to stick to capacities in the 50 to 70 pint range.

How does it operate?

It has been found that some devices operate by creating a lot of noise during their operation. This is one among the major reasons behind getting a bigger unit. These bigger units have an advantage over the smaller units as, the bigger units can run at a relative lower speed. Running the machine at a lower speed helps in making the unit a noiseless machine. Continue reading “How to buy the best dehumidifier”

Kitchen Faucet Repair – Disc & Cartridge Faucets

Of the different types of kitchen faucets out there, we are going to focus on disc- and cartridge-type faucets and how you can repair them. Here are the tools you will need for both:

  • Replacement cartridge
  • Slip-joint pliers
  • Plumber’s grease
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Allen wrench
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers

Kitchen Faucet Repair – Disc & Cartridge Faucets 2

Disc-Type Faucet Repair

Handle & Cylinder Removal

  • Take out the cylinder mounting screws and lift the cylinder out.
  • You will find a decorative escutcheon cap under there. It could be a pop-off or screw-on component; remove accordingly.
  • Take an Allen wrench to the set-screw and loosen to remove the handle.
  • Turn the water off. After closing the valve, turn the faucet on and gradually turn on the water at the shutoff valve. Trapped air escapes and prevents air pocket formations that could put pressure on the cylinder and crack the discs.

Damage Check

  • f the seal is dirty, use an abrasive kitchen pad, rinse, and replace. You will need to replace the seals altogether if they are damaged. Your kitchen faucets will be all the better for it.
  • Dirt, grime, broken sections… Check for these and more once you have removed the neoprene seals.

Continue reading “Kitchen Faucet Repair – Disc & Cartridge Faucets”

What Is a Glider Chair?

What is a glider chair? Well, a glider chair, also referred to as a platform rocker, is a type of chair whose whole frame comprises of a seat that is attached to the base by means of a double rocker four-bar linkage. The linkage has non-parallel suspension arms, which makes the chair resemble a rocking-chair motion as it swings forward and back.


Glider chair is an essential piece of furniture in any nursery. It is a perfect chair for relaxing while you are feeding or soothing your newborn baby. This kind of chair is an updated version of the traditional rocker seat, which slides back and forth on a set track. To ensure you are stable when using the chair, your feet should always be touching the floor. There should also be plenty of support for your back and head. You must therefore ensure you find a glider chair that meets both your comfort and style needs. There are different types and styles of glider chairs and these are outlined below.

What Is a Glider Chair Continue reading “What Is a Glider Chair?”

The advantages and disadvantages of ceramic cookware

Before purchasing your ceramic cookware it is best to know the advantages and disadvantages that revolve around them. A good understanding of the benefits will help you decide and help you prepare for its maintenance.

Everything has their own positive and negative impact, ad it all depends on how people accepted the challenge of using them. Therefore, cookware is not an exception. Let’s tackle the different ceramic cookware pros and cons.

Let’s start off with the Pros:

  • It is easy to use. The build and structure makes it easy to use. It is lightweight and serves its purpose in cooking as well as in transferring food, such as the sauce. There are also some recipes that are cooked using this cookware, to help food lover on what to do.
  • It is environmental friendly. The newer versions of this ceramic cookware are made up of elements that easily break down when thrown away. They will not pollute the environment nor harm the wildlife, especially the birds.
  • It does not contain toxic substances. Most ceramic cookware no longer contains PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) and PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid). It is also proven not to cause lead poisoning when used.
  • It maintains its metal properties. There is ceramic cookware that has metal in it, and when heated, they maintain their properties, making them more durable and live longer.
  • It can save gas or electricity. You only need low to medium heat for it to cook your food. Therefore, you can save the gas used in your stovetop or the electricity used in cooking.

Continue reading “The advantages and disadvantages of ceramic cookware”


Vacuum cleaners are made to be flexible household helpers to save time and energy in cleaning. But some still become disappointed due to using different vacuum cleaners for different surfaces. And most vacuums focus on the dirt rather that the surface to clean. This is one reason why it becomes difficult to know if the vacuum cleaner is good for hardwood floors.


There are so many options with so little time. Therefore, we have enlisted only the best vacuum brands that you can choose from to clean your hardwood floors. These different vacuums have undergone a series of tests, feature checks and trials, so you as a customer will not be disappointed.

Let’s start from Number 3: The Eureka 3670 Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum

This is a convenient and efficient for quick cleaning. This canister vacuum is lightweight that is safe to use on bare-floor surfaces, such as hardwood floors. It has a strong motor and auto shut-off feature. The bag is equipped with a triple filtration system, and with different attachments for the other parts of the house, including the upholstery and crevice tools.

It has been ranked in different sites as part of their top five, and has received numerous good reviews for its efficacy. However, it is also noted for its noise and a need to separately purchase a HEPA filter. Continue reading “TOP 3 BEST VACUUM FOR YOUR HARDWOOD FLOORS”

The Pros & Cons Of Induction Cooktops

These stove marvels are fast and energy oriented, meaning they save energy than spend it in excess. The ‘green’ potential of portable induction cooktops or even slightly wider and heavier varieties, are outstanding. However, as with all things, there are pros and cons.

Thermador 36 inch Masterpiece® Series Freedom® Induction Cookt


  1. No Heat Wastage

Seeing as how heat energy is applied directly to the cooking vessel and stopped when that vessel is taken off the stove, induction using magnetic field heating is extremely energy efficient. When it comes to gas or other conventional electric cookers, you’ll see heat conversion first before it is transferred to the cookware. This is certain to cause loss of energy; even halogen stoves cannot hold a candle to induction stovetops.

Estimates have it that while 40% of gas energy is used to cook (the rest being wasted), induction uses all of 85% of the electricity to heat a pot or pan. By extension, you’ll also have a cooler kitchen due to smaller quantities of ambient heat.

  1. Safety

For starters, the stovetop itself does not get warm or hot. The coils are underneath and heat is transferred to the vessel without spreading across the cooking surface. This is the genius of induction cooktops. Only residual heat from the pot or pan is left behind on the surface, which cools and dissipates in a few minutes. No more burned fingers or hands. Continue reading “The Pros & Cons Of Induction Cooktops”