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Archive for August, 2011

How to Get More Fans on Facebook by Status?

Have you notice in Facebook that if your statues gets numerous likes and comments, the more it will be visible it Facebook news feed? Posting an interesting status updates can make your fans interact with it and help on how to get more fans on Facebook.

There’s a lot of people wonder why their statuses cannot be seen. It is because you’ve got a DULL status. If you want your fans to get your status updates noticed, then make it worth to be noted. Below are the lists of strategies how to get more fans on Facebook for your pages.

1.       Ask Questions

Try to post questions on your status where your fans can answer it. Facebook users love to share their thoughts about little things and voice out their opinion, so asking a question to them will contribute you a lot of new fans and visitors to interact with your status.

: What’s your name and why your parents name you that?

2.       Post fill-in-the-blanks

A very easy yet very effective in getting the attention of many, it is by posting a fill-in-the-blanks sentence or question.

Example: _________ always makes me scream.

Post photos

Crop an image and show them to your fans then include a question in the status update box about the particular photo. Let them share their thoughts about it and what makes it great or not.

Talk about the news

Facebook is where you can find everything and Facebook users want to see fresh and unique status updates. But if you want to grab their attention with your status updates then post the most-talked and latest news to make them view and like it.

5.       Ask for likes

Ask for likes” sounds irritating but it will not sound like that if you ask for likes in witty way. How saying, “Click like if you’re having a great day yesterday and today.” If people had a great day yesterday then they’ll probably like it and if today then they like it as well

Target different fans

Talk about international events that involve different kind of high profile individuals and ask them their point of view about it. People around the world will surely participate in your status updates.

Sometimes we don’t realize how our status updates can help us in obtaining Facebook fans to like our pages. As regular Facebook users, some of them don’t know the real importance of the comments, and likes to their updates as long as their friends interact with it and it makes them happy and contented but to those people in business, every comment and likes are valuable as the page will be measure its popularity for every views, comments and likes they receive.

For those who are not yet aware of this, you now have ideas. And if you still don’t know how to get more fans on Facebook then you can read the article again to get valuable information about how.