3 Most Addicting Games on Facebook 2012

Facebook is one of the most visited websites amongst Internet users from around the globe. For what reasons, you may ask? Simply because it allows people from different parts of the world to communicate with each other, share media files, and play games. This social media site is one of the biggest playgrounds there is on the Internet and for a good reason – it happens to hook a lot of people to the 3 most  addicting games on Facebook 2012.

(1)       Harvest Crops and Tend to Animals in Farmville 2 – 64 million users

Farmville tops the list of the most addicting games on Facebook and with its recent improvements it has become a trending game in the year 2012. The game also happens to have over 60 million active users every month.

Who plays this game? Only the child, adult, and the young at heart – in short, practically every user on Facebook, whatever the age and the race. What makes this game so fun and addicting to play? It’s a simple click and drag game. Plant crops, grow animals, design your farm as it gets bigger and bigger and earn plenty of profit to make your farm even better.

(2)       Practice Your Poker Face in Texas HoldEm Poker – 33 million users

Texas HoldEm Poker is a close runner-up to the Farmville game app. In this game, you are given free chips to play. You won’t just be playing with a lone AI, but you will be playing against friends and other users of the app. Practice your Poker strategies with this game and don’t fall for bluffs so it’ll be a sure win for you.

Anyone who is addicted to Poker is addicted to this game. Facebook users who have never tried playing a hand in Poker in their lives try this game as well to dabble in the thrill that so many players are addicted to.

(3)       Ready, Set, Rank Up with Tetris Battle – 10 million users

Tetris Battle breaks the mold of the conventional Tetris game of time past. It now pits players against each other in a battle of wits, quick eyes, and equally faster hands. When you play this game, make sure to sharpen your skills because the once classic and simple game you used to play is now quite the challenging one.

The youth, and yes, even the players of the classic Tetris games now turned adults play this game. It is addicting simply because your competitive drive starts to come up. When you play this game, you will simply refuse to lose.