5 Best Jobs for Facebook Addicts

You might say “Ouch” if you feel you are being targeted here. It may be funny but it is true that there are people who cannot get by anymore without hooking up on Facebook at least once a day. From the look of it, there are even users who are logged on 24 hours a day during which they have to check updates every so often, including new Facebook jobs even when they are working.

Benefiting from the addiction

So, if you are indeed a Facebook addict, you might as well benefit from it. There are ideal jobs for people who are continually on Facebook. Inasmuch as they are at the site most of the time, making a career out of Facebook use is a sound idea. After all, doing something that one loves can result to more productive and efficient work results.

Jobs for Facebook aficionados

So here are the possible jobs that a Facebook addict can engage in.

1)     Social media director


With a person’s considerable background on social media marketing from constant use of Facebook, a social media director job is in place. There are many companies out there that are seeking for people who can manage their sites and promotions. If you are one who is adept at promotional campaigns while at the same time be on Facebook constantly, this is an ideal job.

2)     Recruiter


Social media skills are necessary for this job. If you work as recruiter, you can be on Facebook all the time because that is where prospective clients are. With recruiting as your job, your personal network will grow even more because of the new contacts that are added to your list.

3)     Strategist


Through Facebook, you can promote a business group by interacting with other users. You can create more awareness about a certain brand by giving information through your site. However it is a must that you have a drive to be successful in which case Facebook to which you may be addicted, now becomes as your work place not play place. Hence, take the work seriously.

4)     Enterprise architect


You can work for companies that want to reinvent themselves by promoting their brand differently. With Facebook, you can project a new image of such brand through your posts and updates.

5)     User operations analyst


With enough experience with social media networks particularly Facebook, a user operations analyst monitors the activities of companies in the new media. For a frequent Facebook user, this is an excellent opportunity to earn while being visible on the network all the time.

If you feel confident, you can reinvent yourself and apply for these Facebook jobs.