5 Facebook Music Apps to Have

Facebook has now become a big community within the Internet community itself. The various apps that are compatible with this social network site are gaining much following from members. Also, the number of users of Facebook is growing each day, hence the need for more variations and advanced apps, like Facebook music apps to satisfy the people and make them stay with the network as long as possible.

Newly added Facebook apps

One of the apps that have been recently added to this network is Facebook music apps. This is actually long due considering that there are many music lovers in this network who like to share their brand of music with friends. Although you can always post YouTube musical videos on your wall, this method is very limited. With the music apps, there is a wider reach and range of selections is bigger. Hence sharing of music videos or recordings is optimized.

Must have music apps

If you belong to the group of Facebook users with love for music, here are five music apps that you must have on this site.

1) BandPage (Root Music)

With an amazing 18.5 million monthly users, this music app on Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most in demand music tools. It is a page where musicians can make their own bulletin where they can post their schedules, creations, songs, and other interesting facts about their groups.

2) My Band

Profile Pages. Having some six million followers on a monthly basis is no joke for this music app. It is a place where bands can publish their profiles on their fan page for their followers to see. The profiles can be personal or otherwise, depending on the preference of band members.

3) Music (iLike)

With 1.5 million followers worldwide, Music (iLike) is one of the most used music apps by Facebook members. It allows you to make a list of selections or music tab to your homepage. With this app, you can also get notifications on concerts and personal appearances of your favorite artists.


4) Bandsintown

This is an application with 1.4 million followers. It is an application that allows posting of live music. For bands and singers, this app is a useful channel to publish their upcoming events and concerts.


5) YouTube Video Box

As said, YouTube is a very popular music sharing venue. There are millions of music fans that troop to YouTube everyday to find and share music videos, which they can later post on their own walls and profiles.