Best Web Apps On Facebook For Mobile

Recently, the app called Send SMS-Text Messaging was reported to have more than 65, 000 active users while Instant Messaging has more than 46, 000. By today, the numbers are definitely different, and based on the general trend on how Facebook apps get downloaded, we can only surmise that there’s much more. Who can resist a free Facebook for mobile software that lets the user send SMS from their page?

There are other text messaging apps for Facebook with not as much users as the two already mentioned, but it only shows how sometimes, one dimensional access is not enough these days. Some status updates just need to be spread around using every existing medium.

What’s the use?

The inventors of Facebook only wanted faster, easier and more friendly means of spreading the word. And since mobile phones get to more places than a desktop or laptop (and yes, more and more smartphones are becoming affordable), apps on Facebook for mobile phone use are becoming more and more creative. Some may even be deemed overly inspired that they have no pragmatic use at all.

Take for example, the FaceDouble Celebrity look-alike app that gives the user an unparalled perspective as to who in the starry world of Hollywood (and beyond) is his or her look-alike. Arguable, this has no practical use, but it has 22, 000 daily active users to date. The Twitter mobile app for Facebook does not even have 2,000 users, and this app is more within the parameters of “spreading the word.” But then, an app does not need to make sense to be considered one of the best and most popular, right?

The game is afoot

Perhaps, game apps are one of the most popular types of Facebook applications. Zynga Poker, with 38 million players worldwide, is the largest online poker site today. This application was developed for social networking sites other than Facebook as well and is thus known as a prime mover in the social gaming niche. You can find out if Luck is indeed your lady using your iPhone, iPad or android mobile phone.

The current count for the mobile version is now 18 languages. It’ll probably keep its place in any “top” or “best” list especially after the very recent announcement that Zynga will make available its real-money gaming offer to countries other than the US. It’s worth finding out if this one will have a Facebook application for mobile use as well (and if its legal).