Easy Steps To Get Timeline On Facebook

When Facebook launched its Timeline option, the boundaries of “share” and “like” expanded another couple of dimensions. A timeline is another level up the convenience ladder of inter-relationships within your online social network. Any user can get timeline on facebook in a few easy steps.

The Timeline defined (or not)

Whoever suggested the Timeline and worked out its details must have had enough of the complications and subterfuge that characterized the founding of Facebook itself, which the uniquely gifted David Fincher and an excellent cast very successfully presented in the film, “The Social Network.”

What we are saying is that there’s nothing at all complicated about setting it up. And when we say “easy”, we pertain to the first denotation that comes out of your Google search.

There are still many Facebook users who do not yet use the Timeline feature. Some might have missed the invitation for one reason or another. Others may not have the time and would rather just post their status given what few minutes they can steal from work.

Still, there’s probably a small group of people who are holding off because they do not yet have the unique cover photo that seems to be such an important requirement. Whatever the reason, it’s easier to follow these instructions than to figure out things that motivate or dissuade people.

Random Thoughts and Instructions on Timeline Set-up

Here’s how a Facebook Timeline is set-up. First of all, you have to find the Introducing Timeline page and click on the Get It Now button. It’s a huge green button that is very hard to miss. When you sign in to your existing Facebook account, it should be presented in the Timeline format already, although publishing will take seven days.

You can spend this time learning all about the set-up, fixing your privacy settings relevant to the content you will be publishing. You may want to remove high school pictures if you wish to forget all about the awkward years of adolescence before your timeline displays that exciting time of your life to the rest of the world.

Take note that the Timeline format does not (yet) apply to Facebook Pages. Only profiles are presented as such for those who decide not to shun it (some do). What used to be your “Wall” is now a time-bound exhibit of photos, shares, likes, and every single activity that you have checked for appearance on your Timeline.

Like everything else in your Facebook account, you can choose what’s public, what’s for friends to see, and what’s for your eyes only.