Funniest Facebook Hack Pranks

Hack means accessing someone’s account without getting permission. There are many reasons why some people are getting fun hacking other’s property. It might include some revenge or making someone gets offended on a particular networking site like that of a Facebook.

These hilarious Facebook Hack Pranks posts will surely get heavy loads of likes, shares and comments from your Facebook friends. Posting one of these funny pranks on Facebook will mark your friends jumbled and some worst, will be so much angry.

A prayer for Zack



This person was asking for guidance from God for his friend Zack. He’s been praying that hopefully, the Lord will give his friend Zack the comfort and strength that he needs. He even asks to bring Zack to them in a strong condition. He was really serious. The funny point about this is at the reply message sent by one of his friend stating “If he dies, can I have some of his stuff?” Look how serious the sender is while his friend seems to be so negative but quite funny, right?

Mother named Debbie posting her suicidal thought


A mother named Debbie posted something like “has realized her life is a lie and the only friend is the handgun behind the closet.” A lot of Debbie’s friend made a comment on her status update. You may find it funny reading their comments like they were thinking that Debbie was being enchanted by evil spirits. Her friends were very worried but Debbie didn’t make any reply. They were all in panic but it seems Debbie was just having a good time reading all their replies.

A Friend didn’t realize it was her mother being referred to


A girl posts something that she HATES black people. Then came her friend. She followed it but she didn’t want to offend anyone. She couldn’t take what the horrible woman did to her. At the end of their conversation, she asked her friend if she had an idea on where to buy a typical hand gun. In a horrible joke, her friend replied that she could get one from a local pawnshop. Then this girl ended the conversation with “go mock your mother Kim, honestly.” Funny how these 2 girls had a long conversation only to find out in the end that the woman being talked by her friend was her own mother.

These funny Facebook pranks are all about fooling others’ account or some might have forgotten to log-out of their own accounts. Hackers grab the opportunity during these times. Be sure to log out every time you log in on your account or you might end up trending.