How To Get Facebook Chat on Android Tablet

Even if you are not a Facebook chat person, it being available on the android tablet will definitely make people use it more often. It is a come on for people to be able to chat with friends and family members who are online on Facebook and do that without having to be forever sitting in front of the computer. The mobility feature makes chatting and the entire Facebook app truly amazing. Not having to get off the hook of the social network is a perk nobody could possibly resist.

From Facebook Messenger to Facebook Chat

Previously, there was no need to download the whole Facebook app to enjoy the beauty of Instant Messaging through this very popular social media. Now, all that you need to do is to search for Facebook Messenger on the Android market and download it. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

Step 1: First, you have to locate for the shopping bag icon in your apps folder and launch it.

Step 2: Once the android market is on, you can search for the Facebook Messenger app.

Step 3: Download the app so you can start using it on your tablet. When the app is already saved in your apps folder, you will only have to launch it so you can use it in sending and receiving IMs from your online friends.

Facebook App on Android

Let’s make it clear – those were the days. Before, you needed to download a third party application in order to enjoy chatting with your Facebook friends. These days, Facebook has already launched chat as an additional feature of the official app. If you have the Facebook app on your android, you can already use the chat feature without having to resort to a third party app.

Other Features

Aside from chatting, there are also other revolutionary features that Facebook chat comes with. For one, there is the support for multiple active conversations, which means you can chat with several friends at the same time. For another, it can provide a listing of people who are idle and those who are available to chat.

This recent development in the Android and FB worlds instantly made waves in the market, as expected. The chat support is very simple to use and is very effective for people on the go who like staying connected. Now, there are no boundaries that separate Android users from their social network. Facebook chat helps keep the connection alive and makes Android tablets even more useful in the process.