How to Make Facebook Cover Photo Fit

Thanks to one of the Facebook’s latest feature – the cover photo. This is a large image found at the right top of the profile picture. It provides a satisfying experience for the viewers and to be able for them to know you more. You can change it as long as you want, but of course, you must have the knowledge on how to fit it properly. Here are some of my tips on how to put the appropriate Facebook cover photo.

1)     Use the dragging tool offered by Facebook. If you upload an image bigger for the desired cover photo, this feature allows you to drag the photo depending on the part that you want to appear in the cover photo frame. The negative side would be, you may not have the chance to expose the whole part of the photo.

2)     Let the Photo Editor work on It. When you upload a photo and it says, “size is tiny or too big” for the cover photo area, you don’t have any choice but to cancel the process. Therefore, try searching for online photo editors. Crop and adjust the dimension of your photos. Almost all online Photo Editors have this function. Resize the image carefully based on the appropriate cover photo dimension as suggested by Facebook.

3)     Use ready-made cover photos. There are many sites that provide ready-made cover photos for Facebook. The images here are well measured using the standard dimensions. Categories might include landscape, abstract, favorite actors and actress, fantasy, and more. You don’t have to retouch them. Just upload them in your account and there you are. Other sites will let you choose an image and they will be the one to link it right on your Facebook account.

Ideas to Remember

Facebook is providing you a Help page for your concerns. Try reading them from time to time for you to have know-how of the various features. By simply writing cover photo on the search box, there, you can see the guidelines for the appropriate dimension of the cover photo. It says the image must be 851 pixels in width and 315 pixels tall. By reading this, you now have an idea on what kind of photo you are going to select. It will also let you adjust the correct measurement of the image before uploading them.