How To Share Status On Facebook To Twitter

Maintaining several social network sites may consume much of your time if you keep on hopping from one site to another just to post the same update. Normally network users share the same updates on their sites hence it will be easier for them if they connect their various sites in just one post. The most widely used social networks are Twitter and Facebook. Although there are other networks such as MySpace, Google+, Yahoo, MSN, LinkedIn and more, nothing will beat Facebook and Twitter. Hence it has become a trend now to connect Facebook to Twitter by using the built in features of both sites.

Connecting Status Updates

Both Twitter and Facebook are micro-blogging services that permit users to send actual time updates on their activities. Twitter is said to be more speedy in terms of update exchanges because the tweets can be seen in one instant and the next second they land in the bottom already. This is because other users come up with their own updates too following short intervals only. Now there may be friends in your Facebook circle who are not Twitter users and vice versa. In any case you naturally want your friends on Facebook to see your tweets. With this method you need not log in to Facebook each time you re-share your Twitter update on Facebook. If there is such a thing as multi-tasking when you do more than one jobs in one instant, this method of updating your sites can be treated as multi-posting!

Steps in Linking Twitter and Facebook

First, you need to log in to your Facebook account to gain entry on your Twitter application. Navigate your Account settings and go to the Apps section and you will find a list of applications that you have authorized to have access to your site. In case you have not included Twitter in this list, you can go to the Subscribers page where you will find an option for you to link your Facebook account to your Twitter site. Next, select the button which says “Add Application” in order to link Twitter to Facebook. Enter your username for Twitter and add your password in the provided field. Do not worry that you might be hacked or your accounts are getting exposed in the process because this tool is available only for Twitter and Facebook. Lastly, pick the option that says you are allowing your Twitter posts to be published as status on Facebook. Know however that your interactions with followers on Twitter such as mentions, retweets and the like will not appear on Facebook. Also, try not to flood your Twitter with updates because all these will appear on your Facebook status and might cause annoyance with your friends.