Lists Of Popular Funny Facebook Pages

The creator of the Facebook page called “Now Thats Funny S–t!?” bothered to write a disclaimer and a sort of request to unlike the page should any content be offensive, discriminating, too graphic, or outright gross rather than resort to anything more violent. He/she also gave a strict warning against spamming. At least, he takes being funny very seriously. But, most of the really funny Facebook pages are the ones that feature observations about life, living, and this media-governed lifestyle of ours. The Facebook pages that are considered funny these days are not necessarily the ones with daily wisecracks and a regular dose of jokes for those who need at least one per day. Here’s a minor list of some of the really cool and funny Facebook pages worth taking the time to visit.

Funniest so far (at least for us)

At the top of this list is the lengthy but insanely clear  “MY SISTER SAID IF I GET ONE MILLION FANS SHE WILL NAME HER BABY MEGATRON.” We’re sure the 1,626,680 likes so far are not just from fans of the Transformers franchise. Actually, we think that most of the likes came from the generation that watched the Transformer cartoon series on television as children decades ago. And that’s what probably made it funny. This was the initial impression from the profile pic of a Megatron action figure that does not resemble the more edgy and thorny giant robot voiced by the great character actor, Hugo Weaving in any angle. The page reputedly hit the millionth mark 13 days after it was set up. But the baby, born early October of 2010 was named Dylan. Oh well.

The Contender

DEAR GRADES, GET WELL SOON is a top contender. A major list of 200 funniest recommends it and with a reported 193,000+ membership, the page promises to be as funny as can be. However, searching for it is not very humorous at all. Like so many great ideas, it falls prey to the ease of a two-step action called “copy-paste”. After counting more than 20 communities/open groups/closed groups labeled as such on the Facebook search results page, we moved on. Those five words are still funny no matter how many times you read it that we didn’t need to see the genuine page at all.

The Funny Pages

Our searched coughed a few more pages worth checking out:

  • Becoming a Fan! Has 15, 000 likes. Hint: not really about becoming a fan of anyone or anything (or maybe, just one thing)
  • The Funniest Jokes Page On FaceBook that claims to be a public figure has almost 3, 000 likes. It makes perfect sense to put a page dedicated to funny jokes on this list because there are some funny stand-up materials within.
  • Laughing So Hard My Sombrero Falls Off and I Drop My Taco, or LSHMSFOAIDMT with more than half a million likes. We like saying that over and over, especially the acronym.
  • English Whirled Wide with 16, 000 plus likes for those who find word play hilarious.

These are potentially within the bounds of your sense of humor. If that should not hold true, you can always just move on to another search results page.