Most Creative Facebook Cover Photos You Should Check Out

The minute Facebook introduced their cover photos feature this year, a lot of people got more than excited to share their most wonderful art pieces, photographs, quotations and more. Here’s a look at the most creative Facebook cover photos every uploaded on the said social networking site to date.

Artwork by Mattyboyywonder

One of the most creative cover photos ever seen on Facebook is none other than the artwork created by Mattyboyywonder. The artwork features several people at the beach doing their own businesses and having the best time of their lives. The art piece is predominantly yellow, evoking a kind of happiness that a lot of Facebook users have loved looking into.

Victor Zapanta’s Page

Another creative cover photo on Facebook is none other than the cover created by user Victor Zapanta. When you check out his Facebook page you will see his name and every other feature on his account in succession to one another. So when you look on the cover page area it will seem like you are looking at something from a very far off place. The art piece has appeared to become captivating making it one of the best cover photos to date.

Ekkapong Techawongthaworn

At first glance, Ekkapong Techawongthaworn’s Facebook page looks pretty ordinary. You will find on his cover photo area raindrops and a small white cloud on the upper right hand corner. But what makes it creative is the fact that in his profile picture, he is seen holding a black umbrella. Thus, overall, the cover photo seems to be about rain falling down on him but he has an umbrella to guard himself from it.

Mohammad L. Azzam

Another creative cover photo you can find on Facebook is none other than Mohammad L. Azzam’s art piece. On his cover photo you will see him standing against a wall looking to his right, with a piece of lollipop on his hand while he’s trying to give it to a smaller person. On his profile picture you will see him doing the exact opposite. Here he looks up and reaches for the lollipop that is being handed to him by the bigger guy. Note that both guys are Mohammad.

If you want to be entertained, there’s still a long list of cover photos you can check out on Facebook. Each creative cover photo can be considered unique in its own right and it’s worth giving credit to these people for sure.