Most Shared Funny Facebook Status

Anyone can be funny. There is always that comic trait in each person that even those who seem to be so shy unleashes it after having a drink or two. Before the advent of social media networks, people used to share their antics on social gatherings or even in ordinary everyday conversations. Then the email was invented and email forwarding became in vogue. Humorous anecdotes became a staple and evolved as chain emails forwarded from one Internet user to another. Man is indeed a social animal and interacting with other people has become a basic need.

Here comes Facebook

And then emerged Facebook where members can post updates on their walls, which are in return read by their own circle of friends. Funny Facebook status started to flood this social media network and have became viral to a point that they are shared from one user to another and ends up being a chain of update sharing. It began with simple update on one’s Facebook wall where the user would type amusing quotes, personal experiences and stories and these would be picked up by the readers. Now the use of funny wall photos as updates has become very popular that Facebook users would just post, repost, share and re-share these on their personal walls and on their friends’ as well.

Most Shared Funny Status on Facebook

With the thousands of funny updates posted on the walls of Facebook users that have now numbered to millions, it is hard to pinpoint which the funniest ones are. Nonetheless there are funny posts that have become very prominent.

1)     Scored high in the compatibility test. I had a hundred percent compatibility score with cheeseburgers and fries.

2)     If you change your relationship status every week, why not just try “zero”.

3)     Back in my day, you knew who your real friends were because they ranked you in order of importance on MySpace.

4)     Deleted on Facebook, check. Deleted on Twitter check. Deleted on cell phone, check. Deleted in my heart, x mark.

5)     Statistics say that one in four people are crazy, so look at your three closest friends and if they seem to be good, it’s you.

6)     So you say you are handsome? That is like a password. You are the only one who knows it.

7)     Have you seen the movie Constipation? It hasn’t come out yet.

8)     If you say I have no real life because I am always on Facebook, that makes us the two of us then.

9)     I hate the fact that the chance of dying on the way to buy a lotto ticket is higher than my chances of winning.

10) I didn’t say it was your fault. I said I was blaming you.