Steps On How To Hide Facebook Cover Photos from Public

The Facebook timeline is a great opportunity to show off and share information to family and friends. The cover photo is one of the two major images featured on the Facebook timeline, the other one being the profile picture. Choosing to hide Facebook cover photos could be a necessary know-how. For the more serious online marketer or blogger, it just might even make or or break an online reputation.

Hide Facebook cover photo

A timeline for everyone

The current Facebook interface is quite in fact a timeline that presents posts with the oldest ones at the botton and the latest on top. The posts are available in sequence with the default set-up automatically presenting content for the current month. The cover art or cover image is a high resolution image that is one of the main attractions of the timeline. It’s big enough to be noticed behind the profile picture, and the timeline is a reasonably well laid-out platform for sharing information.

All about covers

Uploading the cover art for the Timeline is easy enough. Clicking on a button will enable a photo from one of the online albums or from your computer to serve as the cover art. Actually, it is more difficult to choose an image which takes much more time and effort, particularly if the account user is the very discerning type. By default, all cover photos are open to public access. The cover album is fully public as well, and all the pictures in this album may be downloaded by anyone.

Options and permissions

Unfavorable and embarassing posts and photos may call for a “delete,” “untag” or “hide” option. The option to hide an entry on the Facebook Timeline is done using the pencil icon that is found on the right hand upper corner of the content box. Clicking on this will reveal the “Hide from Timeline” button and doing so will remove the item from the page. An undo button appears afterwards, just in case the hiding was done inadvertently.

Posted photographs that are included in an album can be alloted a specific photo permission collectively. The photo page allows for album level adjustments that covers all the images in a particular album. Whereas, each picture from the Wall Photos and Mobile Uploads albums need to be adjusted one image at a time. The privacy options are reasonable enough, including “only me,” “friends,” and “public.” However, this adjustment is not available for the cover photo.


The best move is to choose every cover photo with care before uploading it since it is publicly displayed at all times. The only way to remove it from the public eye is to delete it fully and replace it with another one, or leave it empty.