Top 5 Facebook Countries 2012

It can be said that Facebook is the largest social media networking site in the world today. In fact, it has surpassed the old Friendster, which has now taken the backseat in its networking activities. Facebook is a big hit because it caters to young and old alike unlike in other social media networks where most of the users are young and belonging to particular groups of the so called netizens.

Top Users Worldwide

It cannot be told exactly which countries are the top users of Facebook because you need to consider the country’s population ratio as against the number of its Facebook users. Nevertheless since Facebook announced that it has one billion active members all over the world and the number is still growing, some countries have been categorized as having the most number of users globally. This social media network has shot to an unprecedented growth since its creation in 2006 and it does not come as a surprise to know that even smaller and developing countries are heavy users of this network.

Top Five Countries on Facebook

To date, the United States remains to be the number one among the top five countries on Facebook. One factor that has led to this result is the huge population of this country that saturates the market in any given social media network. There are 166 million users from America and the number is predicted to shoot up in the next years to come. Brazil is next with over 58 million users, India is third with more than 55 million members, Indonesia is fourth with over 57 million people using the network and Mexico is the fifth with more than 38 million Facebook users. The United Kingdom ranks sixth with more than 32 million active members. Turkey and the Philippines are trailing close behind, which is quite a surprise for these developing countries to be side by side with more developed nations in Facebook use.

It is predicted by social media watchers that in the near future, new countries may spring up and land in top slots of Facebook users as the network continues to develop its functions and applications. As such, the top Facebook user countries are usually the ones who are most active internet users as well. The United States, which has pioneered internet technology, has been exposed to the cyber world for longer years hence it has a stronger online presence than other nations, notwithstanding if they belong to developed or developing category.