Where To Download Most Popular Images For Facebook

This is not mere speculation, but there’s been no formal study done on this either, as far as we know. A new sub-sub-sub industry is emerging and it all started when Facebook launched its Timeline layout. We’re talking about cover image service providers, of course. Typical Facebook Timeline users may find satisfaction after browsing his images for Facebook folder for a cover photo.

They usually just choose from amongst a cornucopia of family pictures, baby pictures, vacation pictures and macro shots. They may even just resort to downloading pictures of catchy lines, or a current favorite quote or song lyric (another sub-sub industry). But many individuals take the requirement of uploading a unique picture very, very seriously.

Customized, Customize

Unique and customized are two very rashly interchanged words these days. A photograph of Bob Marley caught in a moment singing live or looking particularly pensive may not be adequate for some. They would argue that a truly great cover photograph needs to have a couple of brilliant lines he wrote, or maybe three customized little birds sitting on the master’s immortal shoulders. And no matter how picturesque and evenly-pixelated even a really well executed jump shot on a tropical beach could use graphic design to enhance, add, or subtract, some would say; nope, not enough for a cover photo.

Many individuals spend considerable time and effort making their Facebook profiles riveting, vibrant, and visually spectacular. This is one reason why a good photo is often not enough. Pre-designed Facebook cover photos have become quite popular because they are convenient and constructed in such a way that they lend accurately to any screen. Many Facebook users use mobile phones for access. A less that professionally done cover photo may not be compatible on a mobile phone screen. And there really is no excuse for that, is there?

To Pay or Not To Pay

The question is whether a customized, stunning cover photo is worth paying for. But since a good percentage of Internet users choose to browse through the many pages of websites such as istockphotos or coverdoodle, maybe they are also ready to pay for what these sites offer.

For others it is worth laying it down on people who actually know what they are doing rather than risk layering issues and wasting time when they attempt using Photoshop tools.

Probably, even those who do not intend to pay for anything at all end up doing so because there really are amazing, and truly unique cover photo worth photographs just waiting around in cyberspace. Sometimes, it’s futile to resist.