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Not everyone knows what MMA is, since it is not your typical sports and there are some people who doesn’t like the violence involved in it. MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a contact combat sport that allows a lot of grappling techniques and other fighting styles like boxing, wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay Thai, kickboxing, karate, judo, etc.

Bouts using different fighting styles was infamous for having fewer restrictions or no rules at all that often led to unnecessary and grave injuries. However, at present it is  made much safer as it has been regulated and have solid rules that aimed at securing the safety of the competitors. This move paved the way for the sport to be widely accepted albeit not that widely known.

UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Championship is one of the most popular American MMA promotion companies and the largest in the world. It housed the top ranked fighters and have numerous fighting events everywhere.

Today with the hope of going more mainstream, UFC is promoting not only on billboards, pay-per view and the ESPN, which provided wide coverage of the its fighting events. UFC has a Fan page where they, moreover, get fans on Facebook and spread the potential fan base of the sport.

Apparently, UFC is still digging its way toward really going mainstream. UFC President Dana White was reportedly negotiating with CBS, Comcast and Spike TV for a major TV deal as it has seen some massive viewer growth over the years.

“We’re not mainstream yet. Now’s the time to dig in and work. If we pull this thing off, we will be mainstream. We live in a bubble in our (Vegas) offices and take it for granted people know what armbars, guillotines and triangle chokes are — nobody knows what this means. We have to view (programming on FOX) as if nobody knows anything about this sport, that people die in this cage. We’re going to educate the masses, treat it like nobody knows who we are. I think our (hardcore) audience understands that’s necessary.”, White said.

This would prove to be challenging for UFC to go all out mainstream and get a wider audience, especially those who are not familiar with Mixed Martial Arts. Issues like violence, blood and pain are what most concerned majority of would-be viewers who would likely watch a few seconds or minutes of the fight and pre-judge the game as inappropriate for a large audience, where the possibility of the kids viewing is present.

However, this would not stop UFC on educating the world about the sport. The UFC is set to offer a free viewing on the preliminary card match-ups on Facebook. If you want to access the UFC card stream, you only need to ‘like’ the UFC official Facebook Fan Page.

This was not the first time that UFC streamed select fights live on Facebook. These promotions on Facebook started past January 2011 on its “UFC Fight Night 23: UFC Fight for the Troops 2 event”. It’s understandable why they opted to promote on Facebook, as it is the dominating social-networking  site and is the most visited. Keep posted on their Facebook Page.

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Facebook Is People’s Home: A Guise To Benefit Advertisers /facebook-marketing/facebook-is-people%e2%80%99s-home-a-guise-to-benefit-advertisers/ /facebook-marketing/facebook-is-people%e2%80%99s-home-a-guise-to-benefit-advertisers/#comments Mon, 03 Oct 2011 06:18:48 +0000 admin /?p=481

People know where Facebook gets its income – from Ads. That is the reason the social network would never charge its users because if they do, less people will patronize Facebook and if that happens, there will be less people, which mean fewer advertisers. Ergo? No regular influx of ad-revenues. So if you are one of those people who are worried that Facebook will be charging for its usage. You are absolutely wrong in your assumptions.

In connection, Facebook has been plagued by rumors on how it is apparently instrumental in leaking user information for advertiser’s market targeting via its third party applications. Moreover, the successive and rapid changes on the platforms features leave people wondering whether Founder Mark Zuckerberg isn’t sugarcoating his words when he claimed that all these changes are for the sake of the users. Are the improvements for us, users or is it for its advertisers?

Mark has previously stated that he wanted the changes to enable in-depth social media sharing. Thus, the introduction of instant activity sharing wherein friends and other people you are associated with will immediately know what you are reading, listening and watching. However, with Facebook’s clients such as Hulu, Spotify and The Washington Post, aren’t the users vulnerable and leave them exposed to more of their advertising schemes? Not to mention the Timeline which further exposes Facebook user’s whole life in the social network and announces what you are doing on the page. Advertisers can utilize to track and target their market and Fan pages can easily get Facebook fans for their product.

Even when Facebook claims that all the rolled-out changes are to further create a deeper sense of connection to friends and keep them constantly informed about stuffs in their lives. The reality is that the changes are primarily for the advertisers, and users are a mere secondary considerations.

The lure of having a real-life  online is very effective, showing people that Facebook cares and wants to help users seek the social relations people are losing touch of because of geographical distance. Not only, that Facebook users soften when it comes to the point where the past is given importance, since it [Timeline] becomes an online scrapbook where they have stored happy memories which they can reminisce whenever they open their Facebook profile.

Despite all of that and the assurance that they will not be providing information to advertising companies. Some Facebook users [the less sentimental sorts] share concerns about the security of their personal details on the site and feel that they have less control over their privacy. Who knows what Facebook is really up to? There is nothing we can really do to stop Facebook if proven guilty of all the accusations thrown their way.

However, it seems like the majority of Facebook users are happy enough with Facebook. They are sticking around. They have invested too many years and shared too many details about their lives that the lack of privacy seems like a small price to pay.

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Facebook Hauled Another Change: Improved Online Directory /facebook-marketing/facebook-hauled-another-change-improved-online-directory/ /facebook-marketing/facebook-hauled-another-change-improved-online-directory/#comments Fri, 30 Sep 2011 02:26:22 +0000 admin /?p=476 With all the changes that happened on your favorite social network you would think everything would simmer down. You thought wrong. It seems like Facebook doesn’t want to stop at improving their features to be the ultimate online stop. It is trying to haul everything that appears to be the common activities of people when online, from intimate and business social connection to getting people’s preferences on music, videos and photos up to searches and putting together the story of users’ lives.

Now it is introducing another new and improved directory listing. Facebook users can easily search people on Facebook; search fan pages which prove advantageous on their part making it easier to figure out how to get likes on Facebook pages; search places that people have shared at one time or another.

Facebook People Directory

This is a directory listing where people on Facebook can search for friends they are wanting to reconnect with. This is most useful to people who doesn’t have mutual friends or the same places which Facebook can utilize to recommend as friends unlike the previous Find Friends Feature. With the new people directory, you can request to add Facebook friends by just typing in their name on the search box of the directory page. Or they can locate friends by sorting names by letter.

When you type in a name, Facebook will give you a number of names as search results. That appears a bit of a hassle as you have to determine faces and find your friends. No worries, Facebook has added a filter wherein you can narrow your friend’s search through Location, Education and Workplace. Isn’t that wonderful?

However, there is a drawback on this directory. As the Facebook directory page indicated, anyone can opt out of appearing on the listing if they had set their search privacy setting private. Thus, not everyone on Facebook is included on the people directory.

If you are not comfortable with the new one, you can still find friends using the people search page where you can import contacts of friends and associates on emails or through their Find Friends feature (school, work, hometown, etc.)

Facebook Pages and Places Directory

This is a new addition for Facebook directory as there have been no existing directory that is particularly for fan pages. If you are wondering why I categorize pages and places together in this article, it is because pages and places are mere fan pages.

The directory listings of pages and places are first based on the number of fans and check ins before it shows the alphabetical order list. So you will know that first 20 on the Pages directory are those with the most number of fans, and the first 20 on the Places directory are those with the most number of check ins or visits.

Pages directory are mostly composed of Bands, Businesses, Restaurants, Brands and Celebrities while Places directory are location in the real world, where your friends have visited.

With all these changes, Facebook can help its users connect and forge associations in a whole different way. In turn, this helps further Facebook’s strategy to retain users by giving them all their internet needs on one platform.

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Facebook To Ask For Membership Fee? Don’t Fall For It Again! /facebook-marketing/facebook-to-ask-for-membership-fee-don%e2%80%99t-fall-for-it-again/ /facebook-marketing/facebook-to-ask-for-membership-fee-don%e2%80%99t-fall-for-it-again/#comments Wed, 28 Sep 2011 02:11:09 +0000 admin /?p=474

Facebook has been rapidly upgrading their features with a more in-depth social media sharing and a timeline which has also enhanced personalization of user experience. These improvements have some people clamoring for the old Facebook to return and some people actually settling down. My bet is on the latter. Eventually, people will learn to adjust to the changes that have been successively thrown at them. Besides, they can’t do anything about it because they are using the platform for free. Let me emphasize that for F-R-E-E!

Whatever Facebook has done that is intended to enhance user experience doesn’t imply that they will be charging you with its usage. If that is the case, then I’d rather jump over to Google+ or any other free and potential social network. That isn’t what Facebook wants. Think about it.

This isn’t really a new hoax being pulled. In fact, it happened on 2009 and 2010. People who fall for that falsehood twice or worse thrice is not thinking straight. Why would they believe second hand sources when it is only Facebook that they should listen to? Try constantly checking out their blog and see if there are any announcements of charging users for using the social platform. Besides, they have a lot of business partnerships, third party developers paying for access and what about the Facebook Ads to get Facebook likes to business fan pages.

2009 Rumor Mill

Rumors that Facebook is charging $4.99 a month for the usage of their site. These are 100% false, unless you consider  paid Facebook ads but that is an isolated case compared to the average users.

2010 The Hoax Continues

There was an ongoing speculation of whether Facebook will be charging users for real this time. It claimed that Facebook will be charging $14.99, which has increased to $10 when you look at the previous fee from last year. This, of course is a hoax!

2011 The Re-emergence of the Myth

I don’t know why people are constantly deceived by scammers, when its plain to see that will never happen to Facebook. Access to the site is free and will always be free.

With this obvious hoax going viral, Facebook has released a statement to stunt its further spread, “A rumor on the internet caught our attention. We have no plans to charge for Facebook. It’s free and always will be.”

In addition, it doesn’t make sense why Facebook will attempt to carry out a move that is a stimulus on losing users when they can gain more from getting  advertisers. Think of this, where there are people is where businesses go. For information sake, Facebook gets the majority of its income from ads viewed and clicked by 800 million active users. In fact, more than 80% of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising.

The above post seems to be well-intentioned and is meant to warn people about the possibility of Facebook charging, still spreading wrong information is dangerous. This will prompt more scammers on taking advantage of people who don’t know better. As I have mentioned before, look at Facebook’s blog to see whether there is some truth to these rumors.

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Facebook Becoming A One Social Stop? /facebook-marketing/facebook-becoming-a-one-social-stop/ /facebook-marketing/facebook-becoming-a-one-social-stop/#comments Mon, 26 Sep 2011 02:32:42 +0000 admin /?p=462 The internet already has too many social networking sites that serve the same purpose yet different in a sense that each are built around different purposes. Facebook, giant social network is originally a platform to establish intimate social connections. It aims to connect you to people that you know. Thus, you share primarily details about your life and often daily activities. It has also become the niche for business advertising via its Fan Pages where corporate pages on Facebook buy fans, or just gain fans throug likes.

Jumping on Twitter, its all obvious what it has become. It is now known to be a social network where people mainly share information from each other or gain it from someone they are following. Everyone knows that with regards to breaking news, Twitter is the place to go.

Let’s take a look at StumbleUpon, which is a discovery engine. Some would even say it is a ‘recommendation engine’, since content users stumble upon are recommended pages from other users as well. StumbleUpon will provide content around categories that you chose upon signing up that you might like and then recommend to others with the same preference as you.

Now come Google+ which is basically the same with Facebook as it aims to take over the role of Facebook as the dominating social networking site. In short, it is the biggest and toughest competition of Facebook. You might argue on that but that’s how I perceive it based on Facebook’s major redesigning. It clearly speaks ‘threatened’.

Why am I citing the above social networking sites? I know you are wondering. Read the title? That is right. I am trying to point out how Facebook is seemingly absorbing all they can glean from other social sites and integrate it to their features as their own. What are these new features am I talking about? Let me give you a tour.

1. Facebook’s Subscribe Button – Guess where that idea came from? No not Facebook’s originally. Here’s a clue. It allows a one way social connection where you can get updates from people you subscribe to even without being friends. It’s kind of stalkerish actually. Obviously its a Twitter style following. You can follow people but that doesn’t mean they will follow you back.


2. Facebook’s Recommendation Bar – It is Facebook’s new social plug-in that is designed to deliver recommended articles to readers as they finish each article. Sounds familiar right? It looks just like StumbleUpon, although in this case it is centered on recommending articles for your next read and it’s a plug-in not a built-in feature on Facebook.


3. Facebook Smart List – People have been going on and on about Google+ and Facebook’s competition. Google+ hit a weak spot on Facebook feature which have been very controversial and raised concerns from some users. Google+ circles, which allows users option to separate social connections via circles (Family, Friends, Workmates etc.). But a few months after Facebook came up with a smart list which counters Google+ circles.


See the similarities? There are more of that. It seems like Facebook aims to step up their game on social networking and become the one and only stop for all of users online needs. What do you think?

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Facebook Home Page Redesign, Getting Unpopular Feedback? /facebook-marketing/facebook-home-page-redesign-getting-unpopular-feedback/ /facebook-marketing/facebook-home-page-redesign-getting-unpopular-feedback/#comments Fri, 23 Sep 2011 01:41:32 +0000 admin /?p=456 I visited my Facebook account yesterday and I was surprised by how different it now looked. I get that they are trying to strengthen their privacy settings and wanted to deliver more in-depth social media sharing. However, it is not the same when you read about it compared to when you are actually in front of the after-stage of these changes.

Looking back at the changes that Facebook has done these past months, it is hard to imagine what more they are planning to do. Will these changes make it easier for Facebook users or will it make it more difficult for them to use.

1. Privacy Settings – The Smart List. Once I had posted on my Facebook page and maybe I was a bit out of it and it turned out that I was the only one able to see my own post. Maybe I am not for the smart list (because I’m not smart?). Kidding aside, there are definitely some advantages and disadvantages on this list. I agree with some, it is a bit of a hassle and a little bit Google+ on the side.

2. Subscribe Button – I figured out that it looks a bit like a Twitter style feature. You can get updates with someone without necessarily be friends. This is a sort of one way social network similar with Twitter’s follow method. However, if you subscribe to each other then, it works like the original Facebook. This totally works for business pages. They no longer need to get Facebook Fan Page nor buy fans on Facebook, since potential clients can just subscribe to them.

3. Bigger Photos – I also noticed how photos are bigger with 720 pixels to 960 pixels, which makes for a more detailed picture. This is pretty amazing to photographers who uses Facebook to display and show their shots to their friends. However, some people are not liking it because it take too much space and is annoyingly big. It is a little bit embarrassing when people get a look at your pictures without even trying to take a peak.

4. Ticker – Have you noticed a somewhat live news feed automatically scrolling down on the right side atop your chatbox? Yes, that one. It is called the ticker which as Facebook says help you join friends in real time, instead of taking too much time scrolling down people’s post. It displays friend’s updates instantaneously without you looking for it. I actually liked it. It makes it easier for me to see newsfeeds while doing something else on my Facebook page.


5. Top Story Newsfeed – This is yet another part of Facebook revamping. Instead of the ‘Recent Post’ you will now see ‘Top Story’ on your homepage. Users who have been away for some time in using Facebook will see feeds categorized based on relationship to the person who posted, the type of story posted, and the number of comments and likes received. However, users have the option what to newsfeed to mark as a top story and can expand recent posts at the top page.

These are all the changes that Facebook has done. What do you think? Will it make your Facebok life easier or more complicated?

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Say What? I’ve Got Freedom On Facebook! /facebook-marketing/say-what-i%e2%80%99ve-got-freedom-on-facebook/ /facebook-marketing/say-what-i%e2%80%99ve-got-freedom-on-facebook/#comments Wed, 21 Sep 2011 03:12:27 +0000 admin /?p=449 Everyone in this planet has the right to express what they feel, they think and most especially they have the freedom to voice it out in any language they think best represents their sentiments. Facebook exists to let people from around the world connect with each other even behind the curtain of computer screens. Social relation, that is what the social network originally pursued. However, as everything in this world change and evolve so does the way people are utilizing social media, particularly the biggest player, Facebook.

First, with the creation of Fan pages on 2007, comes the freedom to market and advertise. Marketers may utilize strategies on how to buy Facebook fans, but that is their prerogative as long as it follows the platform’s terms of use. It is their freedom to determine what is and what’s not good for them.

Second, it has become an outlet for strong speech that veers on promoting hate. Take for example, year 2009, when Facebook has disabled two of the five Holocaust denial groups when it has obviously violated Facebook’s terms. Some have protested why only two and not all five?

It seems like even with these examples of prejudice and racial discrimination, Facebook has defended that they support freedom of speech. In fact, one Facebook employee, Ezra Callahan, a Jew himself, took these posts as a mere action to express what people feel even when the ends are personally offensive to him and to the Jewish community. Here are some feedbacks from both Calahan and Facebook spokesperson, Barry Schnitt.

“You do not combat ignorance by trying to cover up that ignorance exists. You confront it head on. Facebook will do the world no good by trying to become its thought police.” – Ezra Calahan


“We believe in Facebook’s mission that giving people tools to make the world more open is a better way to combat ignorance or deception than censorship,”

- Barry Schnitt

Third, Facebook is teaching kids that they have the right to freedom of speech. Children use the social-networking  platform not for social connections and information but to express their thoughts and opinions on things that are obviously affecting them. Some may be a little overboard with their language regarding teachers and the school, but it is stipulated on the First Amendment to the US Constitution – that protects freedom of speech.

Fourth, employees who share their sentiments and thoughts about their employers or companies on Facebook is protected as it is considered as a free speech. Even the National Labor Relations Board supported that Facebook-related termination is, in fact, unlawful and employees can sue the company or their employers.

On The New York Times“that company social media policies that prohibit making negative remarks about one’s boss or company online are actually in violation of labor laws that protect employees’ right to talk about things like wages and working conditions.” – NLRB Representative

With the proliferation of social networking sites and their growing dominance on the internet, people are afforded the right to free speech. However, the question remains. How much is too much? What do you think?

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Facebook Subribe Button: What It Implies To Fan Pages /facebook-marketing/facebook-subribe-button-what-it-implies-to-fan-pages/ /facebook-marketing/facebook-subribe-button-what-it-implies-to-fan-pages/#comments Mon, 19 Sep 2011 07:07:32 +0000 admin /?p=446 Facebook has been doing a lot of changes, and that means two things: some people might like, and some people won’t. As I have said before, it is impossible to please everybody. But what matters is that majority of users are liking and will be using it. If not, then it would render it useless.

These past weeks have seen improvements in varied features on Facebook. One of which is the privacy setting in the form of Friend List. This list will allow users to sort friends and put them in their proper categories. That is good news for people who have been urging Facebook to provide them more control over who  sees their news feed, which proves to be the main reason behind their urgings.

Having control over privacy settings helps people keep information contained to specific group people among their friends. Thus, avoid instances of broadcasting embarrassing events that they are involved in. However, this is considered bad news for marketers, since Facebook users might opt to exclude them in their news feeds and giving fewer chances for them to keep users updated on their brands.

How do you get fans on Facebook and increase opportunities for revenues if people would take you out of their news feeds? Don’t fret. As they say, “at the end of the tunnel is a glimmer of light.” Now Facebook is on to another venture of continuous changes. And in this instance, the group of people who benefits the most are celebrities, journalists, artists and marketers. Don’t ever think Facebook will forget you guys! Besides your business in Facebook is what makes them richer  and powerful. It is common knowledge that ads are the life blood of free social-networking  platforms. It won’t do at all to pull them out of the whole Facebook equation.

What does the subscribe button does and why is it useful for people with Fan pages?

  1. Fan pages are considered to be publicly accessible. The subscribe button allows users to follow public updates of these Fan Pages.
  2. Facebook users can still comment on your public status updates, if you enable commenting.
  3. Facebook search feature still allows you to search public posts. This is very beneficial in looking into targeted audience preference.
  4. It allows you to block someone from subscribing, especially those people who are using your Fan Page as their own advertising platform.
  5. The subscribe button allows you to get updates from anyone without being friends (if you are using personal profile as a marketing platform).
  6. There is no limit to the number of subscribers a profile can have, if you opt for a personal profile.
  7. There is no limit to the number fans a Facebook Fan Page can have, unlike with friends that only allow a maximum of 5,000.

With this subscribe button, one would think that Facebook is building a culture of ‘following’. This move further and deeply defined ‘friends’ as, admittedly, not all friends on Facebook is your friends in real life. Facebook is taking an approach to separate the aspect of ‘friending’ and ‘following’.

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Facebook’s Growing Competition: Helps Improve Online Social Experience /facebook-marketing/facebook%e2%80%99s-growing-competition-helps-improve-online-social-experience/ /facebook-marketing/facebook%e2%80%99s-growing-competition-helps-improve-online-social-experience/#comments Fri, 16 Sep 2011 05:39:37 +0000 admin /?p=442 The past months have seen some things heating up with Google’s challenge to Facebook, the Google plus project. This new venture of Google towards social networking is viewed by many as a bold move to take-over the dominance of Facebook. Google plus has boasted a  20 million registered accounts only on a span of three weeks which Facebook achieved for nearly four years.

People have commented on how Facebook has been slowing down with the improvements in their features and even slower in acting on the many privacy complaints of its users. Thus, the emerging Google plus is a welcome news to people in the social network, since this will nudge Facebook into action. Hope this also means that they would be thinking of new ways to improve Fan Pages to help marketers on how to get lots of fans on Facebook. Well, let’s leave that for now for them to figure out.

A lot of changes have been seen with Facebook’s features and user interface which, thanks to Google plus, has enhanced user experience in Facebook. Changes in their privacy settings have secured more control for users, through its improved Facebook friend list, which is relative to Google plus circles. Although they differ in the process, the purpose and functions are the same: more options for users who to connect with and share with, thus, securing privacy.

This particular move of Facebook says a lot of things. They are quickly catching up. What was first perceived as a fresh and unique feature that sets Google plus apart from Facebook has been rendered common. In fact, if you take time to observe both social networking platforms, you would see that Facebook seems to be countering the steps that Google plus took. Compare both social platforms and the improvements Facebook has made to keep up with the growing competition. I have discussed briefly the new friend list of Facebook, now I’ll go into detail.

Facebook Smart Friend List – Google Plus Circles

If Google plus boasts their drag and drop feature where users can sort people in their social connections, Facebook now has:

  • Smart Lists. This new and improved feature automatically sorts out friends and places them in the list where they belong. The set up list include: work, school, family and city.
  • Close Friends List. This let users add to the list close friends to constantly see their news feeds so you don’t miss out on anything they share.
  • Acquaitances List. In this list, you can add mere acquaintances that you seldom have real contact with. These could be your old classmates, friends or previous co-workers, etc.
  • Better Suggestion. This is not a list, instead it allows you to make your own list or place newly added friends or accepted friend request to any existing list.

This surely is a very competitive maneuver by Facebook to stunt the ‘competitive edge’ of Google plus. A lot has said that the improvements are good since Facebook is trying hard to enhance user experience, even if the stimulus isn’t the incessant complaints of users but the competition that Google plus presents. However, there are also others who are clamoring for the old Facebook where they don’t need to mind much about setting things up like who to share, what news feeds to see etcetera. A word to both Facebook and Google plus: You can’t ever please everybody, so do what you think is best. For sure, you’ll know when to stop once you see majority of users are up-in-arms in protest.

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Will Facebook Say ‘Checkmate’ to Google+ with New Friend List? /facebook-marketing/will-facebook-say-%e2%80%98checkmate%e2%80%99-to-google-with-new-friend-list/ /facebook-marketing/will-facebook-say-%e2%80%98checkmate%e2%80%99-to-google-with-new-friend-list/#comments Thu, 15 Sep 2011 06:44:17 +0000 admin /?p=438 Early this year, Google+ has launched its social networking site Google plus that is meant to counter the popularity and dominance of Facebook. It was even predicted that in no time Facebook users will be leaving it and opt for the more private and secure Google plus.

Google plus circles is the front line of its features allowing users to organize friends according to real life social networks (e.g. family, work, friends). Having control over your social connections is the target of this new social network. They are basing this on the natural inclination of people to determine who to connect with like who should see their posts and who to share photos and comments with.

At first, it would be assumed that Facebook has been all laid-back and complacent about its competition. However, it isn’t like Facebook to sit back and do nothing about a threat, whether it be small or big like Google (known as the top search engine). So what does Facebook have, to defend its slot from its contender Google plus?

The Smart Friend List! It is Facebook’s new and improved friend list. The prime social-networking  site will be launching this list, which would make it a lot easier  for people to get connected with people who really matter among their large number of friends.

Below are the improvements of Facebook Friend List:

Selective Sharing

This will allow Facebook users the freedom to control who to share what with. If they want their photos, updates and other posts be seen only by their closest friends, then it certainly won’t be viewed by people who doesn’t belong on that list.

In order for users to select list to share with, they only need to use the drop down audience selector and pick the list.

Creat Lists Automatically

They are provided the list since Facebook automatically creates the friend list, based on explicit commonality in profiles.

This way, users don’t have to be burdened with the task of thinking of particular lists. However, users are at the same time given the option to create additional lists.

Despite creating automatic friend list, people also have the option to remove friends from the Smart Lists, allowing them to be rid of friends who aren’t supposed to belong in a particular category.

Viewing Friend Updates

This would also give users the freedom to choose what friend list, they want to see updates from. This means that Facebook users can choose to see news feed from a particular friend list.

For people to access particular news feeds. They just need to simply click on a particular list from the List Section.

Location for Easy Accessibility

Facebook users can easily find it. Instead of the Friend list editor page, now it directly appears right beside the news feed.

These updates and improvements are great news for people who have been crying out for more privacy in their use of Facebook. Although these do not influence Facebook Fan Pages and marketers on how to get lots of Facebook fans, over all, it is still a smart move. However, is it time for Facebook to say, “checkmate”?

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