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Facebook’s Growing Competition: Helps Improve Online Social Experience

The past months have seen some things heating up with Google’s challenge to Facebook, the Google plus project. This new venture of Google towards social networking is viewed by many as a bold move to take-over the dominance of Facebook. Google plus has boasted a  20 million registered accounts only on a span of three weeks which Facebook achieved for nearly four years.

People have commented on how Facebook has been slowing down with the improvements in their features and even slower in acting on the many privacy complaints of its users. Thus, the emerging Google plus is a welcome news to people in the social network, since this will nudge Facebook into action. Hope this also means that they would be thinking of new ways to improve Fan Pages to help marketers on how to get lots of fans on Facebook. Well, let’s leave that for now for them to figure out.

A lot of changes have been seen with Facebook’s features and user interface which, thanks to Google plus, has enhanced user experience in Facebook. Changes in their privacy settings have secured more control for users, through its improved Facebook friend list, which is relative to Google plus circles. Although they differ in the process, the purpose and functions are the same: more options for users who to connect with and share with, thus, securing privacy.

This particular move of Facebook says a lot of things. They are quickly catching up. What was first perceived as a fresh and unique feature that sets Google plus apart from Facebook has been rendered common. In fact, if you take time to observe both social networking platforms, you would see that Facebook seems to be countering the steps that Google plus took. Compare both social platforms and the improvements Facebook has made to keep up with the growing competition. I have discussed briefly the new friend list of Facebook, now I’ll go into detail.

Facebook Smart Friend List – Google Plus Circles

If Google plus boasts their drag and drop feature where users can sort people in their social connections, Facebook now has:

  • Smart Lists. This new and improved feature automatically sorts out friends and places them in the list where they belong. The set up list include: work, school, family and city.
  • Close Friends List. This let users add to the list close friends to constantly see their news feeds so you don’t miss out on anything they share.
  • Acquaitances List. In this list, you can add mere acquaintances that you seldom have real contact with. These could be your old classmates, friends or previous co-workers, etc.
  • Better Suggestion. This is not a list, instead it allows you to make your own list or place newly added friends or accepted friend request to any existing list.

This surely is a very competitive maneuver by Facebook to stunt the ‘competitive edge’ of Google plus. A lot has said that the improvements are good since Facebook is trying hard to enhance user experience, even if the stimulus isn’t the incessant complaints of users but the competition that Google plus presents. However, there are also others who are clamoring for the old Facebook where they don’t need to mind much about setting things up like who to share, what news feeds to see etcetera. A word to both Facebook and Google plus: You can’t ever please everybody, so do what you think is best. For sure, you’ll know when to stop once you see majority of users are up-in-arms in protest.

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