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Facebook Hauled Another Change: Improved Online Directory

With all the changes that happened on your favorite social network you would think everything would simmer down. You thought wrong. It seems like Facebook doesn’t want to stop at improving their features to be the ultimate online stop. It is trying to haul everything that appears to be the common activities of people when online, from intimate and business social connection to getting people’s preferences on music, videos and photos up to searches and putting together the story of users’ lives.

Now it is introducing another new and improved directory listing. Facebook users can easily search people on Facebook; search fan pages which prove advantageous on their part making it easier to figure out how to get likes on Facebook pages; search places that people have shared at one time or another.

Facebook People Directory

This is a directory listing where people on Facebook can search for friends they are wanting to reconnect with. This is most useful to people who doesn’t have mutual friends or the same places which Facebook can utilize to recommend as friends unlike the previous Find Friends Feature. With the new people directory, you can request to add Facebook friends by just typing in their name on the search box of the directory page. Or they can locate friends by sorting names by letter.

When you type in a name, Facebook will give you a number of names as search results. That appears a bit of a hassle as you have to determine faces and find your friends. No worries, Facebook has added a filter wherein you can narrow your friend’s search through Location, Education and Workplace. Isn’t that wonderful?

However, there is a drawback on this directory. As the Facebook directory page indicated, anyone can opt out of appearing on the listing if they had set their search privacy setting private. Thus, not everyone on Facebook is included on the people directory.

If you are not comfortable with the new one, you can still find friends using the people search page where you can import contacts of friends and associates on emails or through their Find Friends feature (school, work, hometown, etc.)

Facebook Pages and Places Directory

This is a new addition for Facebook directory as there have been no existing directory that is particularly for fan pages. If you are wondering why I categorize pages and places together in this article, it is because pages and places are mere fan pages.

The directory listings of pages and places are first based on the number of fans and check ins before it shows the alphabetical order list. So you will know that first 20 on the Pages directory are those with the most number of fans, and the first 20 on the Places directory are those with the most number of check ins or visits.

Pages directory are mostly composed of Bands, Businesses, Restaurants, Brands and Celebrities while Places directory are location in the real world, where your friends have visited.

With all these changes, Facebook can help its users connect and forge associations in a whole different way. In turn, this helps further Facebook’s strategy to retain users by giving them all their internet needs on one platform.

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