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Facebook Home Page Redesign, Getting Unpopular Feedback?

I visited my Facebook account yesterday and I was surprised by how different it now looked. I get that they are trying to strengthen their privacy settings and wanted to deliver more in-depth social media sharing. However, it is not the same when you read about it compared to when you are actually in front of the after-stage of these changes.

Looking back at the changes that Facebook has done these past months, it is hard to imagine what more they are planning to do. Will these changes make it easier for Facebook users or will it make it more difficult for them to use.

1. Privacy Settings – The Smart List. Once I had posted on my Facebook page and maybe I was a bit out of it and it turned out that I was the only one able to see my own post. Maybe I am not for the smart list (because I’m not smart?). Kidding aside, there are definitely some advantages and disadvantages on this list. I agree with some, it is a bit of a hassle and a little bit Google+ on the side.

2. Subscribe Button – I figured out that it looks a bit like a Twitter style feature. You can get updates with someone without necessarily be friends. This is a sort of one way social network similar with Twitter’s follow method. However, if you subscribe to each other then, it works like the original Facebook. This totally works for business pages. They no longer need to get Facebook Fan Page nor buy fans on Facebook, since potential clients can just subscribe to them.

3. Bigger Photos – I also noticed how photos are bigger with 720 pixels to 960 pixels, which makes for a more detailed picture. This is pretty amazing to photographers who uses Facebook to display and show their shots to their friends. However, some people are not liking it because it take too much space and is annoyingly big. It is a little bit embarrassing when people get a look at your pictures without even trying to take a peak.

4. Ticker – Have you noticed a somewhat live news feed automatically scrolling down on the right side atop your chatbox? Yes, that one. It is called the ticker which as Facebook says help you join friends in real time, instead of taking too much time scrolling down people’s post. It displays friend’s updates instantaneously without you looking for it. I actually liked it. It makes it easier for me to see newsfeeds while doing something else on my Facebook page.


5. Top Story Newsfeed – This is yet another part of Facebook revamping. Instead of the ‘Recent Post’ you will now see ‘Top Story’ on your homepage. Users who have been away for some time in using Facebook will see feeds categorized based on relationship to the person who posted, the type of story posted, and the number of comments and likes received. However, users have the option what to newsfeed to mark as a top story and can expand recent posts at the top page.

These are all the changes that Facebook has done. What do you think? Will it make your Facebok life easier or more complicated?

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