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Add facebook fans

It is hard to get the number of facebook fans that you want for your page. This is because unless you are already an established brand that everyone knows about, getting many fans on your page could be tricky. However, it is possible for you to add facebook fans in order to reach your target. There are ways in which you can make your fan page stand out from the other 3 million in facebook. Ways in which you can achieve this are:

  1. Customize- Personalize your page so that it represents your personality effectively. Ensure that you use creative designs while doing this to capture the attention of new fans.
  2. Use Photos- A very good way is to get your photos and tag the fans. It is also advisable to upload personal and family photos as this will make the fans connect with you more. New fans will also relate to you well because you are down to earth.
  3. Tell Fans to Suggest to others- You can also get your present fans to market you by suggesting your page to their friends.
  4. Ensure that you have some sort of reward that you are giving them to motivate them. Free eBooks and songs can suffice.
  5. Buy Fans- Though most people consider this method as unethical, it is also an effective way for you to add facebook fans. If the end justifies the means for you, then this is good enough.
  6. Offer Something Unique- Have something on your page and brand as a whole that stands out from the rest. There are over 3 million fan pages on facebook and the number is growing every other minute. It is wise to have uniqueness about your page.
  7. Conduct Polls & Surveys- Occasionally, it is good to conduct polls and surveys. These will make your page to create a buzz. This buzz will eventually lead your fans to start talking about you even off line. As a result, you will add facebook fans that were not part of your fan base previously.
  8. Be a Pioneer- This is very important because it will mean you are always miles ahead of your competitors. Be the first to experiment and launch new products that have awesome features. This will give you more credibility hence a wider fan base at your disposal.
  9. Give First Priority to your Page- This means that people should know more about your fan page than they know about your personal page. Ensure that all the marketing efforts are diverted to the page because this will eventually add facebook fans to your page.
  10. 10.  Put your Page URL everywhere- Ensure that all the other social media sites that you use have the page’s URL and not the personal page one. In addition to this, put the URL also in your business cards as this will ensure that more people are aware of the page.
  11. 11.  Use your Friends- You can spread the word around to your friends to tell their friends to join your group or like your page.

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