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Facebook Becoming A One Social Stop?

The internet already has too many social networking sites that serve the same purpose yet different in a sense that each are built around different purposes. Facebook, giant social network is originally a platform to establish intimate social connections. It aims to connect you to people that you know. Thus, you share primarily details about your life and often daily activities. It has also become the niche for business advertising via its Fan Pages where corporate pages on Facebook buy fans, or just gain fans throug likes.

Jumping on Twitter, its all obvious what it has become. It is now known to be a social network where people mainly share information from each other or gain it from someone they are following. Everyone knows that with regards to breaking news, Twitter is the place to go.

Let’s take a look at StumbleUpon, which is a discovery engine. Some would even say it is a ‘recommendation engine’, since content users stumble upon are recommended pages from other users as well. StumbleUpon will provide content around categories that you chose upon signing up that you might like and then recommend to others with the same preference as you.

Now come Google+ which is basically the same with Facebook as it aims to take over the role of Facebook as the dominating social networking site. In short, it is the biggest and toughest competition of Facebook. You might argue on that but that’s how I perceive it based on Facebook’s major redesigning. It clearly speaks ‘threatened’.

Why am I citing the above social networking sites? I know you are wondering. Read the title? That is right. I am trying to point out how Facebook is seemingly absorbing all they can glean from other social sites and integrate it to their features as their own. What are these new features am I talking about? Let me give you a tour.

1. Facebook’s Subscribe Button – Guess where that idea came from? No not Facebook’s originally. Here’s a clue. It allows a one way social connection where you can get updates from people you subscribe to even without being friends. It’s kind of stalkerish actually. Obviously its a Twitter style following. You can follow people but that doesn’t mean they will follow you back.


2. Facebook’s Recommendation Bar – It is Facebook’s new social plug-in that is designed to deliver recommended articles to readers as they finish each article. Sounds familiar right? It looks just like StumbleUpon, although in this case it is centered on recommending articles for your next read and it’s a plug-in not a built-in feature on Facebook.


3. Facebook Smart List – People have been going on and on about Google+ and Facebook’s competition. Google+ hit a weak spot on Facebook feature which have been very controversial and raised concerns from some users. Google+ circles, which allows users option to separate social connections via circles (Family, Friends, Workmates etc.). But a few months after Facebook came up with a smart list which counters Google+ circles.


See the similarities? There are more of that. It seems like Facebook aims to step up their game on social networking and become the one and only stop for all of users online needs. What do you think?

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