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Facebook Marketing – Facts About The New Global Marketing Strategy

When Facebook CEO/President Mark Elliot Zuckerberg said that facebook was “almost guaranteed” to reach 1 billion users, lots of people almost don’t believe him.  Today social media brought a great impact to so many people. It has become the lifeblood of the web either for socialization or marketing. Many believe that facebook is only second to Google when it comes to importance for online marketers, this fact means that this fast changing website is consistently presenting new ideas and opportunities to facebook marketers. Facebook marketing is indeed a great idea knowing that this site has something to give from its number of active users down to its exceptional features.

If you haven’t try marketing on facebook, take a look of the following facts when it comes to marketing on the largest social network.

1. Facebook Vs. Search Engines

Google is still the number one place where consumers go to find things, but only facebook has the capability to catch the interest of most people. Google traditionally making sense the web by using links on its search results as a sign of authority, actually facebook is not a search engine yet it uses other way how to invade the World Wide Web. Facebook marketing will really works for people that are very oriented with this social media platform. However, all its new updates and features are truly user friendly and very easy to adapt.

2. The Community Pages and Official Facebook Page

When you are marketing on facebook of course you need to have an official brand page and engage yourself in community pages for further connection. Facebook marketing is even more fun and exciting because of the existing knowledge and information found on several community pages, yet it is still important to have a better look on your official page so that consumers will have a full reference about your brand. Having a good profile is a great facebook marketing strategy.

3. Facebook Change Constantly

Just like the time, the only permanent thing on facebook is change. Making facebook marketing a challenging one, if you are integrating your business to facebook makes sure you can adapt with its rapid updates every time. Facebook constantly change without warning from “like” button to new groups update. It is been said that adaptation is the soul of facebook marketing, so as marketers you must be willing to figure out something every now and then if you want to make your business grow with facebook.

What’s good thing about facebook marketing is people talk over the web, when you are marketing on this large social network you are always connected to people this also means that you are socially means fetching with customers. The idea about facebook marketing is putting a bit of social strategy in every business move. Marketing on facebook is a combination of programs from personality content to entertainment. Marketers should remember that facebook is not only a place for friends but a hub of all-purpose stuff where great money hides.

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