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Facebook Subribe Button: What It Implies To Fan Pages

Facebook has been doing a lot of changes, and that means two things: some people might like, and some people won’t. As I have said before, it is impossible to please everybody. But what matters is that majority of users are liking and will be using it. If not, then it would render it useless.

These past weeks have seen improvements in varied features on Facebook. One of which is the privacy setting in the form of Friend List. This list will allow users to sort friends and put them in their proper categories. That is good news for people who have been urging Facebook to provide them more control over who  sees their news feed, which proves to be the main reason behind their urgings.

Having control over privacy settings helps people keep information contained to specific group people among their friends. Thus, avoid instances of broadcasting embarrassing events that they are involved in. However, this is considered bad news for marketers, since Facebook users might opt to exclude them in their news feeds and giving fewer chances for them to keep users updated on their brands.

How do you get fans on Facebook and increase opportunities for revenues if people would take you out of their news feeds? Don’t fret. As they say, “at the end of the tunnel is a glimmer of light.” Now Facebook is on to another venture of continuous changes. And in this instance, the group of people who benefits the most are celebrities, journalists, artists and marketers. Don’t ever think Facebook will forget you guys! Besides your business in Facebook is what makes them richer  and powerful. It is common knowledge that ads are the life blood of free social-networking  platforms. It won’t do at all to pull them out of the whole Facebook equation.

What does the subscribe button does and why is it useful for people with Fan pages?

  1. Fan pages are considered to be publicly accessible. The subscribe button allows users to follow public updates of these Fan Pages.
  2. Facebook users can still comment on your public status updates, if you enable commenting.
  3. Facebook search feature still allows you to search public posts. This is very beneficial in looking into targeted audience preference.
  4. It allows you to block someone from subscribing, especially those people who are using your Fan Page as their own advertising platform.
  5. The subscribe button allows you to get updates from anyone without being friends (if you are using personal profile as a marketing platform).
  6. There is no limit to the number of subscribers a profile can have, if you opt for a personal profile.
  7. There is no limit to the number fans a Facebook Fan Page can have, unlike with friends that only allow a maximum of 5,000.

With this subscribe button, one would think that Facebook is building a culture of ‘following’. This move further and deeply defined ‘friends’ as, admittedly, not all friends on Facebook is your friends in real life. Facebook is taking an approach to separate the aspect of ‘friending’ and ‘following’.

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