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How to build Facebook fans-How to get a lot of fans on Facebook

You may find a facebook page that has only 10,000 likes while another one like Bud Light that has over 1,200,000 likes. The one with the 10,000 likes doesn’t necessary have to be a band brand or something that’s not popular. It may actually be a good brand that has just failed to make its online presence very available. If you want to popularize your brand, you have to know how to build facebook fans. Make people interested with your product and this may directly or indirectly translate to profits.



One of the basic ways to get fans is to invite them to your page. However, there are basic rules that have to be applied if you want to go for this strategy.

Don’t pester anyone; this is one of the main rules on how to build facebook fans. If someone ignores your invites, don’t get tired of sending them more invitations. This can really be irritating.

In addition, ensure that your invitations are strategic. It is meaningless to just go and invite all your friends.

You may however, invite people from your email list. You may also invite existing fans that you know.


Create awareness

Creating awareness is one of the most strategic approaches that can be used by anyone learning how to build facebook fans. However, there are many ways to go about this. Some of the ways are effective while others can backfire.

You can post links to the page on your wall and status. Add something like an interesting caption that will get people to click on your link. However, don’t be too pushy in trying to get people to share or like the page.

Whatever you do, make sure not to spam people. It is very unethical and irritating as well.


Fans involvement

You can get to know how to build facebook fans by simply using the fans that you already have. If you have just 50 fans, these can become 500 if you know how to successfully enlist the help of your fans.

One way to do this is by encouraging your fans to tag themselves in the photos and videos on the page. This will instantly get your page on their profile pages and their friend’s home pages. If your fans encourage it, then you can tag them. Some people request for tags. You can have it as a favor.

You can also have virtual gifts on your pages that fans can give to people on their friends list.

However, be very careful about fan involvement. If you go about this wrongly, it has a very negative impact on you. The fans can get other people not to join your page or even encourage the existing fan base to unlike your page which is very unfavorable.


Facebook Adverts

Facebook adverts can really help in marketing your brand and therefore getting you new fans. However, if you want to know how to build facebook fans, you need to know first how to effectively advertise your products.



Learning how to build facebook fans starts with learning how to make page that will attract number of fans.

You have to use specific keywords on your page. These keys words should be ranked highly. Make sure to use relevant the keywords; you may use words that tell about your product.

Once you get fans, the next step is to learn how to keep them. Ensure that you get strategies on how to make the page popular and more interactive.













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