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Marketers Say I’ll Go For Facebook!

Everyone knows how Facebook has dominated the social networking world ever since the day it caught the attention of millions of people. Now nearing 750 million active users, Facebook is still owning the top spot as a the social media King. But wait! Can you believe that it has also surpassed Yahoo, Google and Microsoft on user engagement?

According to Comscore “It is clear that social networking has become an integral part of the fabric of the Internet and one that is increasingly becoming integrated into the experience of so many different activities online.”

Based on 2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review study of Comscore, users are spending 12.7 percent of their time on Facebook with an average of 20 minutes per day.

What does this mean to marketers? This implies that marketers have longer time periods of which their target ads will be displayed in front of potential consumers. In fact, last year Emarketer earned $1.86 billion in ad sales.

Knowing user engagement statistics of social media like Facebook are importany to web companies since this would allow them to gauge the chances of their ads to be viewed or clicked. Now the only job they need to carry out is how to make use of this time that user engages on Facebook and how to get fans on Facebook for business.

This was the accumulated statistics for last year. How do you think Facebook would fare at the end of the year 2011? Would they be able to keep their status as the leading social media? Furthermore, will they be able to continue their lead against Yahoo, Google and Microsoft, in terms of user engagement? We will see.

The trend on user engagement should prove to be alarming for these three online giants, since Facebook is improving non-stop. They are trying new things everyday despite complaints and criticisms from millions of users on the changes that have been happening. As they say, ” What doesn’t kill you, make you strong.” Obviously, since only a small percentage of the total number of users is voicing such concerns and pretty much, some are uncaring. Then they might as well figure that all   and running.

Besides, the fact that Microsoft and Yahoo are merely integrating with Facebook rather than join the social network race makes Facebook even a stronger force to contend with. However, Google wouldn’t allow anything to come in between their chance for hauling another of their social networking site after the two failed attempts.

Will Google+ be able to compete with Facebook? What do marketers say about these two? This has become a battleground on which will be able to give companies the potential ad exposure and will generate them sales. However, for the meantime the winner has to be Facebook.

Facebook with their growing number of active users is the most potential platform for marketing and advertising. It is also the best way to get traffic on Facebook fan page and their own business page. This would increase the chance for targeted conversion.

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