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Senior Citizens Says: Facebook Is The Best Class Ever!

Who says it’s too late for our grandparents to use facebook? Don’t you ever know that those elders that use facebook tend to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and helps elders to revitalize cultural curiosity despite their age?

Social media class is very popular among elders in the U.S. Seniors centers around the country are now offering computer classes for retirees and class about social media networking is the most popular subject. Study shows that people age 50 and up represent the fastest growing demographic for Facebook in the U.S, many elders want to join the social network for connect with their friends, grandkids who often online. Social media class not just gives enjoyment to seniors as well us, it brought good health impact.

Here are the benefits senior citizens can get out of the social media class:

1. Strip off memory loss

- Facebook is like a doctor to older folks who offers the good place to exercise their mind. Photo-sharing, discussing topics about family, health, retirement and fitness can help to revitalize the body and mind of seniors. This type of activities helps to reduce the occurrence of boredom and frustration.

2. Reduce stress, anxiety, depression and improve brain flexibility.

- The fascinating activities on facebook help to stimulate the attention span and memory to promote active brain. The ability of facebook to connect with people is totally a relieving feeling for elders who misses the companion of their sons and daughters, grandkids and friends who are living away from them. Social network helps to fill the emptiness they felt, which is very rewarding on their end.

3. Restore self-confidence among elders

- Many elders say that social network makes the world bigger for them. A feeling of unworthiness is common to elders, especially during their retirement period they tend to believe that they are not useful anymore. Social network class helps elders to restore their self-esteem and make every minute of their lives worthy and meaningful.

4. Keep seniors updated about the latest trend.

- Even at 60’s seniors are still given a chance to keep posted about the latest trend in the society. By this idea, they are aware and can be able to make an action for their good. Social network and technology truly offer a life changing and a whole new experience of senior citizens.

Don’t ever think that you are the only one who’s aiming how to get fans to your facebook page because even your grandparents are now spending their time on facebook and they find it very amazing. Social network class is such a great idea. It not just discusses the important of social network in the society, but as well as it brought several health benefits to elders. This news is a breakthrough among elders. It’s one way of telling and making them feel how worthy they are and despite their age, they are still capable of what teenagers are doing, a big credit to the people who render their times in teaching seniors to learn how to use facebook.

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  1. kirk says:

    this is a good post. so what will happen if i purchase a tons of fans on facebook? then my products is about guns?

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