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Ten Tips for Adding Fans on Facebook Using FaceBook Marketing

Facebook marketing is very effective in adding fans on facebook and in large numbers. When you use the proper methods, you can succeed in a very short time. Here are ten tips that will help you in adding fans on your page:

  1. Encourage your Fans to Suggest the Page – This is very effective but should be done in a careful manner. You should ask your fans politely to suggest the page to their friends and be careful not to ask too much lest you appear desperate.
  2. Link your Page to other Sites- The link to your page should be in every other site and website that you own. This will ensure that your visibility is enhanced hence more fans in the long run. Consistency is a very vital key while using this method.
  3. Blog about your Facebook Page- This should be done constantly and consistently. Also ensure that the facebook page and the blog are interconnected. This will ensure that they both promote each other.
  4. Facebook Widgets- All blogs and websites that you have access to should have your facebook widgets. This will get more fans for you in a very simple manner.
  5. Seek help from Friends- Your facebook friends can easily suggest your page to their friends and get you more fans. You should however request in a polite manner plus avoid bugging them as this can make them avoid you.
  6. Suggest Page to your Friends- There is the ‘suggest to friends’ feature that will ensure all of your friends know about the page and have the option of joining it. However, the ones who decline the request should not be bothered with repeat requests, this shows desperation.
  7. Facebook Advertisements- Even though you will have to pay for this service, it is worthwhile all the same. This should be done consistently for you to register some progress.
  8. Buy Fans- There are many companies which sell fans and this is a very good way for adding fans. Most people however despise this method because they see it as unscrupulous. However, the end justifies the means so it is worth the try.
  9. Be Unique- Having a very unique competitive edge in your niche will help you go the extra mile. In addition, your page will stand out and more fans will like it as a result.
  10. Interact More with your Fans- Do not take the fans that you already have for granted. You should constantly interact with them and ensure that your rapport is strengthened. They will consequently market you through word of mouth and help your fan base grow.


In conclusion, adding fans on facebook is not rocket science only if you possess the knowledge of these tips. You should use one method at a time so that you can be able to know which one works well for you. After you know which ones are workable, you can combine them for even greater results.


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