Ten Ways to Add Fans on Facebook through Facebook Marketing

There are many ways which have been tried and tested for adding fans on facebook. Having a big number of fans is good because it enhances your credibility and even brings in more. This is good for personalities and companies that want to get a piece of the facebook cake. The ten ways in which you can add fans on facebook are:

  1. Article Marketing- You can write several articles that are closely related to your niche market and post them on facebook & other social media sites including your blogs. At the end of the articles, ensure there is a link back to your page.
  2. Add URL to Email Signature- You should include the page’s URL on all outgoing emails in face book and other email providers. This can have a very huge & positive impact that you might not be expecting.
  3. Facebook Advertisements- This is a very costly way of getting more fans, but it is very effective. You can try it out by advertising in little doses but consistently. You can assess the progress you have made after a while to see if it’s worth it.
  4. Encourage Fans to Share- Interact with your fans on a personal level and encourage them to share the page with their other friends. This should however not be done too many times because you’ll look desperate.
  5. Host Competitions- This is very effective and it also depends on what you will give as prizes. You can give free eBooks, songs, etc to the winners of the online contests.
  6. Promotions & Offers- This is very effective because your fans will spread the word around about your offers and promotions & you will consequently get more fans.
  7. Like other Related Groups- Search other groups that are in the same niche market as you are and join. You can market yourself by posting and commenting on statuses. Their fans will eventually notice you and like your page as well.
  8. Blog about the Page- Always write blogs about the page as this will increase awareness about it. Put the page on blogs and also the blogs on the page. People will know it exists and hence become fans of it.
  9. Facebook Widgets- Place the facebook widgets on blogs and websites that you have access to. This will make it even easier for new fans to join your page. Ensure that the design & the information on it are captivating too.

10.  Events- Hold events on facebook every now and then that will involve the fans a lot. These events can be charitable in nature so that you can exercise your social corporate responsibility by giving back to the community.


These facebook marketing techniques will ensure that you get the number of fans that you want on your page. In conclusion, this can be advantageous to you because every other business depends on numbers. Once you have a large following you can conduct business with ease.

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