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Top Ten Tactics of Facebook Marketing Which Make Fans to Buy from You

Facebook marketing is very effective and if you use it in the proper manner, you are bound to boost your sales greatly. There are certain tactics that will make fans to buy from you when properly implemented. These tactics will help you to get more likes as well as build your credibility. This in turn helps your business to grow gradually as the sales do proportionally. The top ten tactics of facebook marketing are:

  1. Use custom made tabs on your page- A custom page that your fans land on really improves your chances of making a sale. In addition to this, you can also incorporate offers & discounts. You can also give away free books to every new fan that signs up.
  2. Advertise on facebook- Placing your advertisements on facebook is relatively cheap and works wonders. This is because many people will become aware of your page and the products that you offer too. In addition, inactive fans can also know when you have an offer out. This will entice fans to buy from you.
  3. Run polls periodically- Always let the fans feel that they are in control. You should always be asking them how they think the business should be run. After this, incorporate their ideas and give acknowledgements where they are due.
  4. Run surveys- Facebook fans offer you a ready market that you can conduct a research on. Conduct surveys on new products that you want to launch with the help of your fans. Probability is that they are more likely to buy the product when it launches since they already understand it well.
  5. Embed like buttons in videos- You should upload cool videos to your facebook page, and not via youtube, which have the like buttons. This will increase the number of fans that you have while ensuring that the ones you already have remain loyal.
  6. Post trivia questions- You can engage the fans in questions that are not directly about your product but closely related all the same. The more comments you get means that traffic has increased on your page. As a result, you will make the fans to buy your products & services.
  7. Respond to comments- This might not look like an effective marketing tactic but truth of the matter is that it is. This is because when you respond to comments promptly it turns your fans to raving fans. Consequently, this will most definitely make your fans to buy in order to promote you.
  8. Run competitions- This is in a bid to give back and also grease the arms of your fans to buy more. Hold competitions and give away free products to the winners.
  9. Embed the online store on the page- This will work wonders for fans that want to buy your stuff, but do not have the patience to browse through a lot of sites.
  10. Hold events in the real world- Such events could be of a charity nature or other related natures. This will strengthen the relationship that you have with your fans.




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