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Will Facebook Say ‘Checkmate’ to Google+ with New Friend List?

Early this year, Google+ has launched its social networking site Google plus that is meant to counter the popularity and dominance of Facebook. It was even predicted that in no time Facebook users will be leaving it and opt for the more private and secure Google plus.

Google plus circles is the front line of its features allowing users to organize friends according to real life social networks (e.g. family, work, friends). Having control over your social connections is the target of this new social network. They are basing this on the natural inclination of people to determine who to connect with like who should see their posts and who to share photos and comments with.

At first, it would be assumed that Facebook has been all laid-back and complacent about its competition. However, it isn’t like Facebook to sit back and do nothing about a threat, whether it be small or big like Google (known as the top search engine). So what does Facebook have, to defend its slot from its contender Google plus?

The Smart Friend List! It is Facebook’s new and improved friend list. The prime social-networking  site will be launching this list, which would make it a lot easier  for people to get connected with people who really matter among their large number of friends.

Below are the improvements of Facebook Friend List:

Selective Sharing

This will allow Facebook users the freedom to control who to share what with. If they want their photos, updates and other posts be seen only by their closest friends, then it certainly won’t be viewed by people who doesn’t belong on that list.

In order for users to select list to share with, they only need to use the drop down audience selector and pick the list.

Creat Lists Automatically

They are provided the list since Facebook automatically creates the friend list, based on explicit commonality in profiles.

This way, users don’t have to be burdened with the task of thinking of particular lists. However, users are at the same time given the option to create additional lists.

Despite creating automatic friend list, people also have the option to remove friends from the Smart Lists, allowing them to be rid of friends who aren’t supposed to belong in a particular category.

Viewing Friend Updates

This would also give users the freedom to choose what friend list, they want to see updates from. This means that Facebook users can choose to see news feed from a particular friend list.

For people to access particular news feeds. They just need to simply click on a particular list from the List Section.

Location for Easy Accessibility

Facebook users can easily find it. Instead of the Friend list editor page, now it directly appears right beside the news feed.

These updates and improvements are great news for people who have been crying out for more privacy in their use of Facebook. Although these do not influence Facebook Fan Pages and marketers on how to get lots of Facebook fans, over all, it is still a smart move. However, is it time for Facebook to say, “checkmate”?

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