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Ten Reasons Why Shouldn’t Buy Fans for Facebook Marketing

By admin | Published June 27th, 2011

There are many companies on the internet that offer the service of selling facebook fans.  Although many media personalities and business people prefer this option to the conventional method of getting fans, it is not so glorious. There are negative consequences for buying fans that you should be aware of.  The ten reasons why you should not buy fans as a strategy for marketing yourself on facebook are:


  1. Quantity with No Quality- The majority of the fans that you get will seldom interact with you. It is pointless to have a large number of people on your fan page that will never buy your products or are never interested in what you have to say.
  2. Negative interaction is high- The problem arises because you will not have control of what the fans say. Most of the time they will be commenting negatively because they have no real respect for you. This is consequently bad for any business.
  3. It makes you look desperate- A business that opts to buy fans often appears desperate and thus people even despise it. This can make you end up loosing even more business than you would have acquired if you would have kept it real.
  4. It raises suspicion- People are not that stupid and will sooner or later know that you buy fans. This is because only the true fans will be commenting and buying your products. On the other hand, a small business or an underground band having a million fans will look very suspicious.
  5. It can piss off the true fans- Once the true fans notice that you always buy fans; they feel betrayed and pissed off. This is because they will feel uncomfortable being surrounded by insincere fans.
  6. Bought fans will leave sooner or later- Many fans that are bought sooner or later will leave the group. This is because they are not true to your cause hence they will feel out of place very fast. There is nothing which can stop them from leaving and they will do so sooner or later.
  7. Tarnishes your credibility- This is because once people notice that you use such unscrupulous methods to operate your business, your whole credibility comes to question. They may begin to wonder what else you are lying about.
  8. You can get duped- There are many con artists out there who masquerade as facebook fan sellers. Once they get your money, they vanish in thin air and you are left hanging. It is better to work hard in getting true fans instead.
  9. It kills creativity- When you buy fans, your creativity juices die and so does the future of your business. This is because business requires constant creativity to make it run. When you pay other people to get fans, you will be paying them to think for you too.
  10. It is unethical- Most other businesses and pages build their fan bases with the sweat of their brows.