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Probably you are updated with the latest feature of facebook which is the “like” a social media plugin button that was introduced last April. Facebook continue to innovate that benefits most of the businesses.  Having a facebook like pages for your business is totally free.  It gives you an area for interaction and promotion as well. The “like” button on facebook fan page brought a very exciting impact; this includes finding potential customers down to improving customer service. If you are not yet oriented with the benefits of facebook like pages, then consider reading the following details below:


It lets you connect to real people

When you have a facebook like page, it will be easy for to get connected with group of interesting people.  It will be easy for you to communicate and attend questions at the same time. Being on facebook gives you chance to be exposed in different types of ideas and suggestions which are very helpful in your business.


It will be easy for you to promote your brand

You don’t have to travel from place to place just to do promotion. You can put advertisement on your page; this can be in the form of images, messages and bulletins.  What’s another good thing about this is it is absolutely free of charge. This is very ideal for small scale businesses that haven’t yet get a mark in the industry. On facebook also it will be easy for you to get customers since you are connected to a huge number of people. You can do several things using this social media platform.


You can conduct market research

When you are working online it will be easy for you to know what is in and what is not. The web is the ideal place to do market research especially with the use of social media network. Through the comments and post of your fans on your page you can definitely conclude what they want, with this you can easily formulate steps how to meet the demands of the current generation.


Easy to share announcements and events

When you own a facebook like pages you can directly post events and announcements and in just a matter of seconds it can be viewed all over the world. It is hassle free and requires no amount.

The core of social media sites is it involves live interaction making every process very quick. Facebook like pages is a very good thing a business should have especially those marketing online. This type of account is a good source of income for a business to grow. It is definitely a great thing that facebook continues to add helpful features. Through the years facebook will continue to connect people even in the most remote area in the world. This fast growing social media site opens a thousand doors of chances and opportunities. For those people and business who want to grow and be known globally, facebook like pages is your ticket to get there.


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Facebook Like Pages – Fresh Guide For Small Entrepreneur /facebook-marketing/facebook-like-pages-%e2%80%93-fresh-guide-for-small-entrepreneur/ /facebook-marketing/facebook-like-pages-%e2%80%93-fresh-guide-for-small-entrepreneur/#comments Tue, 12 Jul 2011 05:21:02 +0000 admin /?p=207

Facebook is definitely a great place for exposure, knowing that it has over 500 million members with different interest. Having a facebook like pages let small –scale business to compete together with big corporations.  Facebook is absolutely an amazing business platform; its exceptional features definitely meet the demand of the current time.  If you are not acquainted about the essential role of facebook for business especially for small one, then read these following facts below:

Facebook like pages is cost-effective

Having like pages is a practical means of finding existing and future customers. When you have this type of account it will be just easy for you to promote your products, create and announce events and start discussions. Unlike traditional advertising that you have to spend more just to get your target, today with facebook achieving such goal will not almost require great expenditures. This fact is definitely an advantage especially for small business that does not have enough funds for promotion.

A Sort of Market Research

Since you are using the most popular site in the world, so it is possible for you to meet different kind of people, marketing using facebook gives you a chance to study the society. This includes the latest trends and economy status.  When you do market research on facebook it will be easy for you to receive people’s feedback through wall post and comments.

Instant Exposure Online

Facebook like pages gives you good level of exposure online. This is very essential especially for beginners who haven’t yet take a mark in the industry. Creating like pages on facebook is totally a great idea to increase your visibility; in this regard it will be just easy for you to promote your business and several offerings. Having a great level of visibility online is crucial when it comes to online marketing knowing that there are large numbers of competitors. If you don’t strive to be on top there is a tendency that you will be outnumbered by these people.

However creating facebook like pages also need several things to be consider in order making it productive. This includes how to get audience and how to keep them in your page. Read the following tips below on how to get facebook likes.

  1. Make Your Page Valuable – if you want to drive the attention of the people catch their interest first. Make your profile worthy to be like.  Have a better look on your interface.
  2. Update, Listen and Engage – build a good relationship among your existing fans. Do some wall post, status updates and other interactive activities that motivate your fans to visit your page.

These are just small details yet very important for you do to in order to have a successful facebook like pages. Let your business grow with facebook, working hand in hand with facebook is totally great, its large number of users gives you hope that your business has no way to go rather than going into the paramount of success.



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Facebook Like Pages- Why You should Have it? /facebook-marketing/facebook-like-pages-why-you-should-have-it/ /facebook-marketing/facebook-like-pages-why-you-should-have-it/#comments Mon, 11 Jul 2011 09:08:09 +0000 admin /?p=204

There are numerous reasons why people get facebook like pages. Facebook currently create a very big impact for businesses especially in today’s world. Today we are living in the world where it shrinks every minute.  Virtual connectivity not just brings us close but closer than ever. For marketers all over the world the presence of social media sites like facebook is a very promising factor. Facebook like pages is very important especially when you are making it to drive customers. Upon creating like pages you will be aware what people want or simple means what people “like”.

In case you don’t have any idea how important facebook fan page is, read this following facts below:

  1. You can define your target market – when you create a facebook like pages it will be easy for you to trace people’s appetite. It is quite difficult to captures person interest but through posting several information on your fan page you will know what people like or unlike, their comments and suggestions they post is very helpful during decision-making.
  2. It will take your business all over the world- every businessman hopes to be famous beyond its boundary. When you have a facebook fan page you are connected to thousands of potential and interesting people.  There is a greater chance that your business will be recognized globally. Bringing your business online is one way of optimizing your business presence.
  3. It is absolutely free – When you create a facebook fan page, you don’t have to pay at all. All you need is an extra effort and creativity how to make your fan page a good place to drive customers. Promoting through facebook requires less expense than promoting via traditional base, upon knowing this fact many individuals switch to facebook in terms of advertising.
  4. You will gain more friends – this is the funny side about social media site, it gives you a chance to increase your circle of friends.  When you have great number of friends there is a great chance that you can find potential business partner that happens to be interested in your field. When this happen you can extend your limits into a greater horizon. Creating a fan page will bring you to a place of real people.

These are the facts about the importance of having facebook like pages, when you have this type of account most likely you are in the competitive edge of the industry. Knowing that facebook is widely embrace by different people all over the world.  If you are in the middle of finding strategies for business maybe it’s time for you to consider using facebook now.  Facebook marketing will let you open a thousand doors of opportunity and it makes things easy. However you still be competitive enough to go with the dynamic world of online marketing.  Marketing using the most popular site is totally amazing in coordination with your skills and creativity.


Facebook Like Pages- Why You should Have it?
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