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Ultimate Fighting Championship To Stream On Facebook Live

Not everyone knows what MMA is, since it is not your typical sports and there are some people who doesn’t like the violence involved in it. MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a contact combat sport that allows a lot of grappling techniques and other fighting styles like boxing, wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay Thai, kickboxing, karate, judo, etc.

Bouts using different fighting styles was infamous for having fewer restrictions or no rules at all that often led to unnecessary and grave injuries. However, at present it is  made much safer as it has been regulated and have solid rules that aimed at securing the safety of the competitors. This move paved the way for the sport to be widely accepted albeit not that widely known.

UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Championship is one of the most popular American MMA promotion companies and the largest in the world. It housed the top ranked fighters and have numerous fighting events everywhere.

Today with the hope of going more mainstream, UFC is promoting not only on billboards, pay-per view and the ESPN, which provided wide coverage of the its fighting events. UFC has a Fan page where they, moreover, get fans on Facebook and spread the potential fan base of the sport.

Apparently, UFC is still digging its way toward really going mainstream. UFC President Dana White was reportedly negotiating with CBS, Comcast and Spike TV for a major TV deal as it has seen some massive viewer growth over the years.

“We’re not mainstream yet. Now’s the time to dig in and work. If we pull this thing off, we will be mainstream. We live in a bubble in our (Vegas) offices and take it for granted people know what armbars, guillotines and triangle chokes are — nobody knows what this means. We have to view (programming on FOX) as if nobody knows anything about this sport, that people die in this cage. We’re going to educate the masses, treat it like nobody knows who we are. I think our (hardcore) audience understands that’s necessary.”, White said.

This would prove to be challenging for UFC to go all out mainstream and get a wider audience, especially those who are not familiar with Mixed Martial Arts. Issues like violence, blood and pain are what most concerned majority of would-be viewers who would likely watch a few seconds or minutes of the fight and pre-judge the game as inappropriate for a large audience, where the possibility of the kids viewing is present.

However, this would not stop UFC on educating the world about the sport. The UFC is set to offer a free viewing on the preliminary card match-ups on Facebook. If you want to access the UFC card stream, you only need to ‘like’ the UFC official Facebook Fan Page.

This was not the first time that UFC streamed select fights live on Facebook. These promotions on Facebook started past January 2011 on its “UFC Fight Night 23: UFC Fight for the Troops 2 event”. It’s understandable why they opted to promote on Facebook, as it is the dominating social-networking  site and is the most visited. Keep posted on their Facebook Page.