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Facebook Is People’s Home: A Guise To Benefit Advertisers

People know where Facebook gets its income – from Ads. That is the reason the social network would never charge its users because if they do, less people will patronize Facebook and if that happens, there will be less people, which mean fewer advertisers. Ergo? No regular influx of ad-revenues. So if you are one of those people who are worried that Facebook will be charging for its usage. You are absolutely wrong in your assumptions.

In connection, Facebook has been plagued by rumors on how it is apparently instrumental in leaking user information for advertiser’s market targeting via its third party applications. Moreover, the successive and rapid changes on the platforms features leave people wondering whether Founder Mark Zuckerberg isn’t sugarcoating his words when he claimed that all these changes are for the sake of the users. Are the improvements for us, users or is it for its advertisers?

Mark has previously stated that he wanted the changes to enable in-depth social media sharing. Thus, the introduction of instant activity sharing wherein friends and other people you are associated with will immediately know what you are reading, listening and watching. However, with Facebook’s clients such as Hulu, Spotify and The Washington Post, aren’t the users vulnerable and leave them exposed to more of their advertising schemes? Not to mention the Timeline which further exposes Facebook user’s whole life in the social network and announces what you are doing on the page. Advertisers can utilize to track and target their market and Fan pages can easily get Facebook fans for their product.

Even when Facebook claims that all the rolled-out changes are to further create a deeper sense of connection to friends and keep them constantly informed about stuffs in their lives. The reality is that the changes are primarily for the advertisers, and users are a mere secondary considerations.

The lure of having a real-life  online is very effective, showing people that Facebook cares and wants to help users seek the social relations people are losing touch of because of geographical distance. Not only, that Facebook users soften when it comes to the point where the past is given importance, since it [Timeline] becomes an online scrapbook where they have stored happy memories which they can reminisce whenever they open their Facebook profile.

Despite all of that and the assurance that they will not be providing information to advertising companies. Some Facebook users [the less sentimental sorts] share concerns about the security of their personal details on the site and feel that they have less control over their privacy. Who knows what Facebook is really up to? There is nothing we can really do to stop Facebook if proven guilty of all the accusations thrown their way.

However, it seems like the majority of Facebook users are happy enough with Facebook. They are sticking around. They have invested too many years and shared too many details about their lives that the lack of privacy seems like a small price to pay.