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The Top Ten Ways to Get Fans for Facebook Marketing

By admin | Published June 22nd, 2011

For people who do not have a web presence that is strong enough surely have a hard time growing their fan base on facebook. However, it is possible for almost anyone who has a fan page to succeed in this venture. There are many ways that you can use to get the number of likes that you desire including using the facebook ads. Most of these are however complex while there are many simple ways to do the same. The top ten easiest ways to get fans are:

  1. Use your facebook Friends-No matter the number of friends that you have on face book, convert them as your fans. If they have many friends, then just use the ‘suggest to friends’ feature on face book and send invites to all of them.
  2. Feather your nest- You can talk to your closest friends and family members to help you obtain the custom name from facebook. The minimum number that is required is usually 25. Depending on your connections, however this can be simple.
  3. Use the email lists you already have- Email contacts from your other businesses are very useful. You may invite them to like your page and join your fan base. It is also very important to make have personal and friendly messages.
  4. Invite anyone you meet- Spread the word about your facebook page online and offline too. You can also include the facebook page on your cards and distribute them to people in events. This will help you get fans in a very desirable time.
  5. Link the page to other sites- When you use the other social sites or any other website/ blog that you have, put a link of the facebook page and not your facebook profile. This will ensure that people who are interested in your other pages definitely become your fans on your page.
  6. Blog about the page constantly- Use the blog to promote your facebook page and vice versa. The blogs should clearly ask people to join your page. Constant interaction with them help you get fans.
  7. Get help from friends- This is a very effective way for you to get fans for your page. Just politely ask your friends on facebook to suggest the page to their friends. This can work wonders especially when you have a good relationship with your friends.
  8. Events- In this way, you constantly hold events for your page and invite friends to attend. With their popularity consequently comes the popularity of your page and hence more likes.
  9. Facebook widgets- Ensure that you place a facebook widget on all your blogs and websites. This will make it easy for you to get fans that like & join your page.

10.  Engage your Fans- Make sure that you ask questions and communicate with your fans frequently. This will in turn increase your visibility on facebook.

It is important to note these things, for you to build the number you want, patience is vital. This Persistency and consistency will help you to succeed your goal.