4 Easy tips on how to properly care for jewelry

Did you buy expensive jewelry and would you like it to last you as long as new? There are a few basic rules for taking care of your jewelry. What to do with and what not to do to keep it as precious as when you first saw it?

1. Put away your jewelry piece during work and sports

As a lot of customers recommended on Collected.Reviews, while working and/or doing sports, your jewelry could be scratched or damaged. When doing sports, sweat accelerates the oxidation of the metal surface. Also, under any pressure, the ring, the chain, or the bracelet may be deformed and tear apart. When swimming in the pool, the chlorine contained water may also react on the jewelry. Therefore, you should put your jewelry aside, when doing this kind of activities.

2. Beware of chemicals

Some gemstones are relatively soft and are prone to scratching or burnings. Gold used in jewelry is actually an alloy of pure gold and other metals. Detergents accelerate the oxidation of the jewelry surface. The higher the content of pure gold, the more resistant the jewelry is to chemical influences, but it is softer to change. Various cosmetics components are also dangerous for jewelry because they are not 100% natural. These are mainly body sprays, perfumes, soaps, creams, hair sprays, etc. All of these substances can accelerate the aging of your jewelry, some can even completely degrade it.

Tip: After applying body cosmetics, wait at least 10 minutes and then put your jewelry back on.

3. Rinse your jewelry once in a while

A soft cloth is enough to remove small dirt. If the jewel is worn a lot you can prepare a bath of dishwashing detergent and warm water. You can then use a very fine toothbrush to clean the deposits in the folds of the jewelry. After the bath, rinse the jewelry with cold water, dry, and wipe with a soft cloth.

Tip: If you have jewelry that needs special care, visit websites for shopping to buy products that you need.

4. Store jewelry in a safe place

Whether you store your jewelry only for the night or for a longer period of time, it is necessary to have a place ready for them. This may be the original box in which you purchased the jewelry. It should be in a dry and unlit place (moisture or direct sunlight does not benefit them). If you store jewelry away from home during the day, be sure not to put it in a coin purse, as contact with another metal could damage it. It is best to have small plastic bags in your handbag ready for such cases, in which you can hide the jewelry. Alternatively, you can carefully wrap them in a tissue.

Tip: After putting them away, wipe each piece of jewelry with a clean soft cloth to remove grease and sweat.


Jewelry is intended to beautify us. Especially when it comes to more expensive pieces decorated with precious stones. They are not accessories suitable for everyday wear, but we recommend using them only for special occasions. For that jewelry that you wear every day (engagement ring, or wedding ring, watch, etc.), it is best to put them on as the last thing before leaving the house and put them away as soon as possible. This advice mainly concerns the ring, chains, and bracelets that are most sensitive to damage. If you wear earrings, it is advisable to put them away at least for the night and also when washing your hair.