5 Tips For Making Your Clothing Last

Making your clothes last as long as possible isn’t just a more financially conscious approach to life, but it’s also more eco-conscious. Not to mention, we ultimately save ourselves time by making what we have last since we no longer have to carve time out of our schedule to go buy a new one if it gets ruined.

Making your clothes last usually comes down to the same simple habits. If you are looking to make your clothes last into your retirement years and beyond, then here are some of the best habits to follow.

Buy Quality Brands

It’s no secret why your clothes are wearing out quickly if you buy fast fashion brands with poor quality materials. If you hope for your clothing to last, you should buy from brands that prioritize the best possible materials and construction.

Even though it may seem like you’re getting a better deal by buying something for a lower price, in many cases, buying a more expensive product ends up costing you less money over time since you aren’t required to replace it.

Know Your Washing Cycles

Not all materials and fabrics can be washed on the same cycle. It’s important to get to know your washing machine and don’t ignore the instructions on your clothing tags. Follow them carefully and don’t stray from what the tag says.

If it says to only wash on cold, or air dry, then, by all means, do exactly just that. The same goes for dry cleaning. Even though you might think that you can get away with washing something in the machine once, it’s not worth the risk. Always get something dry-cleaned if that’s what is listed on the care instructions.

Turn Your Clothes Inside Out

If you hope to preserve the color of your clothing as well as certain textures, it’s important that you wash your clothing inside out. This will prevent rubbing up against other clothing items, and the color fading. At first, it may seem impossible to remember to turn your clothes inside out before a wash, however, when you start to see how this small step can preserve the integrity of your clothing, it will start to become an instinct.

Learn to Sew

There are some people that assume that a hole in their clothing justifies throwing it out altogether. However, you’d be surprised how many holes and tears can be easily repaired with a simple needle and thread. Familiarize yourself with basic mending techniques, and you can salvage pieces that you thought were goners.

Know What to Fold

There are some pieces of clothing which are better left being folded. Hanging extremely heavy items of clothing will cause them to droop and stretch over time, so get to know which clothing items you should fold instead of letting them hang and degrade.