A Few Important Things To Consider When Installing The Christmas Lights

waterproof lights


Christmas is here! And what better way to get yourself going for the holidays then connecting the Christmas lights. Without the shining and brightening Christmas lights, you might not feel the essence of the holiday arrival. Make sure that you light up your house in the best way possible by decorating your tree with all the Christmas lights. But the important thing here is to make sure that you do not take it too far. If in case this is your first time, make sure not to be too experimental. There are certain things that you must keep in mind when installing the Christmas lights in Melbourne.

Stay careful when installing the exterior lights

Whenever you are looking forward to installing lights outside the house, use a strong ladder. In addition to this, make sure not to use any nails during the installation as they might be harmful later on. Make sure that you do not install any lights in any region that is in contact with the main electrical power line, e.g. trees, poles, etc. Make sure that you check and verify all the bulbs before you install them on as they will be extremely difficult to reinstall.

Use a proper socket

Since the Christmas lights are to be installed on the different place inside the house, it is at times difficult to locate a socket on every corner. Since there are kids running around the house during the holiday period, safety should be the utmost priority. Make sure that if you do use the extension wires, they are connected in the right manner. However, it is better to hire an electrician and get a portable outdoor socket installed on a permanent basis.

Always pick waterproof lights

Since you will be planning to light up your house from the inside as well as the outside, it is advisable to have waterproof lights for Christmas. Make sure that the wires are actually verified and will be working fine under various weather conditions. Since you cannot predict whether make sure that you get yourself prepared for all the weather circumstances. Another important thing to take notice of is not to use indoor and outdoor lights for the same purposes. You need to ensure that you buy them separately paying attention to their purpose.

Use the C7 and C9 bulbs

Although it solely up to you to decide which of the bulbs you will want to use, it is advisable to go for the C7 and C9 bulbs. The best thing about these bulbs is that they are energy-saving and can work at low voltage. Since you will be installing the bulbs for over a week, they might end up being a burden on you due to the extra energy usage. Hence, you need to ensure that you use them effectively and choose those that give maximum light with minimum energy. C7 is slightly smaller in size while C9 is larger in size and emits considerably more light. Another good part about these bulbs is that they are attached in a strand so if one bulb fuses, the rest keep working.