Here’s What to Wear for Your First Boxing Class

Are you set for your first day of Thai boxing training? Before you visit your camp and delve into the world of this world-renowned fitness sport, you need to ensure that you’re equipped with the right things to wear for Thai boxing training. We’re here to help you with that.

Generally, Thai boxing sportswear is quite simple, and it boils down to a sports tee shirt and comfortable shorts. Many guys go with just the short and train topless, but you can go with a singlet alongside the short.

Ladies can also go with singlets or a sports bra alongside comfortable Muay Thai shorts that allow for free leg movement.

List of Items to Wear for Muay Thai training in Thailand

Here’s a checklist to take with you when shopping for Muay Thai sportswear.

1.Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

The standard Muay Thai shorts are loose cut and comfortable, providing enough room for leg movements like kicking and jumping. The shorts also have a stylish slimness to them that makes them fit. The traditional MuayThai short has a style, design, and functionality that cannot be duplicated.

2.Muay Thai Gloves

Boxing gloves are a must because your hands need that protection when you’re punching. You might not begin serious sparring, but you can get Muay Thai gloves for beginners as you start.

3.Muay Thai Shoes

Although Muay Thai training is will happen when you’re barefooted, you will need Muay Thai shoes for the days when you’ll have to do some running or warm-up outside the gym or within the compound.

4.Ankle Guards

Many Muay Thai boxing trainers and fighters use ankle guards when training in Thailand. It can be helpful to get a pair of ankle guards when you will be doing a lot of kicking, especially with heavy boxing bags.

Ankle guards are quite affordable, so you can purchase some when you go shopping; especially if you will be training in Muay Thai for a long time.

When shopping for ankle guards, some persons also get knee guards to support their knees.

Together, knee and ankle guards protect your joints from injuries that occur mostly when you are still learning the sport.

5.Rash Guards

Rash guards are becoming quite common in Muay Thai gyms because they protect fighters from muscle injuries. They also ensure that you are comfortable during training.

When you get rash guards with great design, you will find them quite hardy, and it will help you withstand the stress of Muay Thai boxing training.

Final Thoughts 

Once you have the perfect sportswear for Muay Thai training, you are ready to register at a training camp in Thailand. You can start with simple Muay Thai shorts from and tops and begin shopping for more clothes and equipment as you continue.

Apart from the things we have mentioned, you must also go for training with a towel to wipe off your sweat.

Congratulations in advance as you join the world of Muay Thai boxing trainees!