How stylist play with hair colors to complete a look

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How do you know a good stylist? Some say the one that helps you identify colors that enhance your complexion and brighten your face or one who discusses the best way to get a natural look on your hair using colors. A stylists’ job is to ensure the highlights on your hair meet your expectations and complete your look.

Odds are, if you care about hair, even a bit, you appreciate the universe of style. From looking through Pinterest to assembling the ideal outfits, regardless of whether you know it or not, your hair color defines how your wardrobe looks.

In case you’re into fashion, you presumably as of now have an eye for what looks great don’t as well, alarm. In the event that you choose to color your hair from blonde to brunette, there’s no compelling reason to dump your entire closet and begin afresh.

Even before you open your door, getting the best color has started. Here are some things a stylist will look at before they color your hair.

Hair type

Depending on one’s hair type, the coloring process will be timed accordingly. Stylists take hair texture into consideration whether coarse or fine. Coarse hair will take a long time to absorb color, whereas fine hair takes short hair. Most stylists will recommend a strand test to ensure they get the timing every time they color your hair.

Mix and Match shades

The same way you mix and match your outfits, a stylist can customize your hair colors to make them perfect for you. When mixing the shades, remind your stylist to use only 2 shades lighter or darker than each other for the best results. Also, use brands from the same manufacturer to avoid inconsistencies.

Perm or Cut hair before color

To be able to fully see the effect of highlights or dye, some stylists will recommend a haircut. This way the color is able to bring out your cut.

Perming your hair before applying hair dye is another way a stylist can use to ensure dye is absorbed faster.

Use shampoos made from natural ingredients

Shampoos are essential in getting rid of dirt and other impurities from your hair and scalp before and after coloring. Using synthetic shampoos does more harm than good to your scalp and hair. Stylists will recommend the use of shampoos that are made from natural ingredients.

Although there are many online vendors of natural shampoos, only a handful can be trusted. One company’s products that are highly recommended are hairprint – their shampoos, conditioners, and dyes are made from organic products that restore hair luster and moisturize your hair and scalp. But, before you purchase any products it’s vital you read hairprint reviews from customers using the products to see if they will suit your needs.