How to choose fancy dress during pregnancy? And what are the precautions you should take for sexual activity?

dress during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you need clothes that not only comfortable but should look good. Now many companies are providing a wide range of pregnancy outfits which are really amazing to possess. Prada-outlet could be your great choice. I have recently purchased varieties of cloths from Prada and they all are awesome. Apart from clothes, I am also going to discuss how you can have safe sex during or post pregnancy.

After delivery, gynecologists recommend restarting sexual intercourse after the quarantine has passed and the female genitalia is fully seated.  This means that the couple must wait for the episiotomy to be healed, for the lochia to stop (the placenta bleeding when it comes off) and the woman’s pelvis has recovered.

Be that as it may, sex should be resumed when the couple feels physically and emotionally prepared. Also before restarting sex make sure about your menstrual cycle calculation.

When can sex be resumed after childbirth?

  • If the delivery has been normal, with 40-42 days of quarantine is enough.
  • If the delivery did not need an episiotomy, it is possible that the recovery occurs before and sex with penetration can be resumed sooner.
  • In the case of cesarean delivery, it is advisable to wait for about six weeks, in order not to worsen the healing of the small wound in the wall of the uterus.

It is very likely that in the first sexual relations after childbirth, the woman feels some physical discomfort and a certain vaginal dryness. Discomforts are common and normal since the woman’s body has experienced many changes during pregnancy and childbirth. Also, she takes care about 6 month baby food chart.

Anyway, if the stitches are healed and the genitals of the woman are recovered, do not be afraid to resume sex. Although if the discomfort lasts, they are excessive or bleeding occurs, it is very important to consult the doctor.

Take rest to body and mind

However, in addition to the physical impediments, the woman must also be emotionally recovered before resuming sexual activity.

But not only the sexual activity of the mother will be affected by the arrival of the baby, but surely the relationship will also go to a second plane for both. The couple will be dedicated almost exclusively to the newborn. So, it is not so strange that the couple does not regain their sexual activity months after the birth of the child. But is it normal for sex to return to normal as late as for the first DNI of the baby has already been processed? This is an exaggeration, of course, but it is not such an unusual circumstance.

Not in vain, tiredness related to the needs of the baby in its early days will probably decrease the sexual desire of both. It is also possible that parents feel self-conscious about the presence of the child.

When it comes to resuming sexual relations after childbirth, it is important to worry about contraception, even when breastfeeding the baby. And is that breastfeeding does not protect 100% of a new pregnancy since it does not always prevent ovulation.

The contraceptives recommended in lactation and after delivery are:

  • The condom: This method is the most indicated contraceptive after delivery, especially if you breastfeed. At least, until the woman’s body returns to normal. It is comfortable to use and has a high degree of reliability. It also does not affect breastfeeding and has no contraindications.
  • The pill: If the mother is breastfeeding, the pill is inadvisable, because the hormones could pass into the milk and, therefore, the child.
  • The “minipill”: This contraceptive has been created specifically for lactation and only contains progesterone and does not modify the qualities of milk.
  • Barrier or intrauterine contraceptives (IUDs) are also advisable during breastfeeding. But it should be avoided, at least, during the 4-6 months after childbirth. The mother will have to wait for the uterus to recover its size to use them.

The best postpartum sexual postures

When full sexual relations are resumed after childbirth, it is advisable to resort to postures that allow controlling the pace and depth of penetration. In this way, discomfort is mitigated and the fear of feeling pain during sex is avoided.

  • The couple can stand facing each other, or the man can be placed behind the woman. The penetration will not be deep, and the movements will be smooth, due to the position itself.
  • It is about the position of the traditional missionary, but with it on top. This allows the woman to control the rhythm and depth of the penetration, thus avoiding fears and discomfort.
  • This posture can be varied, and the man can also sit, with the woman sitting on top.
  • In addition, both positions are ideal to prevent the woman from supporting the weight of her partner and suffering the understanding of the breasts.