Halloween is a great time to let out your creativity and have fun as well. It is about that time to dress up in completely unique costumes. All you need is a little imagination and you can reach the stars from your thoughts. For your costumes, you can choose to be a historical figure, or portray a fictional character. You can even create something entirely original by designing your own costume.

Halloween dress

Kitting up as a Historical Figure

Choose the right clothing: the secret to dressing up in decades costume is to understand the trends of that particular era. So, whichever historical figure to choose to imitate his dressing for the day, you should know a little about the era and its trends and fads.

Pick a Popular figure: History has a lot of recognizable people you can think of – from conquerors to presidents, celebrities, royalties. There is a host of names to choose from. You need to pick some whom others can easily identify with. Some of them include Abraham Lincoln, Queen Elizabeth I, Julius Caesar, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, William Wallace (Braveheart), Florence Nightingale, a Viking, a Roman Gladiator, Cleopatra, Amelia Earhart, Albert Einstein, and many more.

Don’t be a minimalist on accessories: whoever you choose to be, aside from getting the appropriate clothing, you need to match it with the right accessories. For instance, if Benjamin Franklin is your choice for the day, you need to purchase some colonial style dress in a costume store as well as a pair of spectacles and stockings. It doesn’t matter if you have to look for it in your grandmother’s box, just get them.

Dressing up as a Fictional Character

Choose a character you admire: There are lots of exciting fictional characters to choose from – Harry Potter, Captain America, Elizabeth (Pride and Prejudice), Catwoman. Just make sure you are comfortable with whoever you choose to represent.

Get inspiration from pop culture: Music, movies and popular books are sources you can easily pick up fictional characters from. Some of which include Cinderella, Snow White, Spider-man, Shrek, Beauty or the Beast, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Flash Gordon.

Make it look real: You have to make your costume believable. Ensure your accessories match the looks of the character you are portraying on Halloween day.

If you are one to design by yourself, you might as well start planning ahead of time. Some of these Halloween costumes can have different pieces you need to put together and can take some time to get done. Make sure you choose the right fabric, in the appropriate quantity, and find a matching sewing pattern.