How to Find Perfect Muay Thai Shorts?

Before you start training for Muay Thai, there are a few things that you need to add up to your checklist. Usually, people prefer to choose a Muay Thai training camp in Thailand for a few reasons. Like, first of all, they get a chance to go for a holiday to an exotic destination, and also gets to practice the culture of Thailand while living there and training Muay Thai, which is centuries-old traditions of this land. If you are also interested in Muay Thai, then you should know that going through the registration process in a training camp is really easy and takes only a few minutes.

How to Choose Muay Thai Sportswear?

Whereas choosing the perfect Muay Thai sportswear is the real deal, and you need to go through everything separately, including Muay Thai shorts and gloves. First of all, you should check the cloth and design, because this training is not just about weight loss or fitness, but it also requires you to wear the perfect outfit in which you are comfortable enough to practice. So, let’s start with the first thing, and that would be shopping for Muay Thai shorts. Now you should know that Muay Thai is also known as eight limb training because here, individuals have to put on all efforts to kick with brutal force. So, to drive such a heavy kick, it is really necessary for you to move your leg freely and as high as possible.

Muay Thai Shorts Guide

This is the only reason that size of Muay Thai shorts is kept so small, and they are really flexible to provide complete support for your legs. As for male shorts, they are a bit longer and cover thighs, while female shorts are smaller than that. The next thing comes Muay Thai gloves, and these ones are a lot similar to the boxing gloves. You must be already aware that Muay Thai is a brutal sport, and each action requires extreme strength and stamina. So, this type of gloves provides firm support for finger joints and hands. Usually, gloves are provided at training camp, but they are not properly cleaned and already filled with bacteria created due to sweat. So, the best option you have is to purchase your own set of gloves because you are sure about them being clean.

Other Protective Gear

Now when you are already aware of the basic protective Muay Thai sportswear, then next comes the other protection as well that you should consider adding up to your checklist. During punches, it is obvious that you have to face a lot more on your face, and your jaws might get dislocated if you get a direct hit. So, in this case, you should consider a mouthguard of your own, and that should perfectly set to your jawline as well. Next comes the shin guard and elbow guard, which will protect the joints on your palm and elbow. Similarly, there is a knee guard for leg protection as well. Now when you have already got the complete list, then do purchase them before you join Muay Thai camp for training. Suwit Muay Thai is a good Muay Thai shop for you to find Muay Thai gear and shorts.