How to Wear a Plunge Neckline

A plunge neckline is always a glamorous look to go for in any dress. Any figure can wear a plunging neckline: the trick is finding the right cut and style. Wearing a dress with a deep cleavage is an effect that everyone can wear, no matter how full or small your bust-line. Read on for tips on pulling off this style favorite.

Plunge Neckline

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Dresses with Plunge Necklines

There are many dress styles that use a plunge neckline, from maxi dresses to mini dresses and column dresses to 1950s full dresses. This neckline can work with any style and creates a dramatic and luxurious effect.

Many people prefer to keep a plunge neckline with a longer skirt to give a contrasting effect. In fact, maxi dresses often have a plunge neckline, as this works well with full-length dresses and can look classy.

Single-color dresses also look dramatic, such as a blue, red, black or green maxi dress. If you are looking for a green maxi dress visit AX Paris, as this store contains many options for maxi dresses with plunge necklines.

Plunge Neckline

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The Clever Underwear

If you have a larger bust, a plunge neckline can show a large amount of cleavage, while smaller busts can wear plunge necklines without revealing so much. However, it is possible to wear plunging v-necks with any bust-line by choosing the right bra to wear with it.

Some bras create a cleavage while others separate the breasts, so it is up to you to choose the look you prefer. For smaller busts, a cleavage-boosting bra might work better, or you may prefer to keep the neckline clear. Fuller busts can wear a bra that creates this gap that many women prefer with a deep neckline.

The V Effect

It can be difficult to know how to wear a plunging neckline or a deep v-neck. You don’t need to wear a plunge neckline dress to enjoy the v-neck style. Clever tricks can work to use this trend in many ways.

For example, a deep plunge neckline can be recreated in many outfits, such as a v-neck jumper over a higher-neck t-shirt or a long necklace over a polo-neck jumper. The long necklace makes an elongated v-shape that can be worn with many outfits to add glitz and style.