Medium Bob Haircuts: What Are the Best Cuts for a Stylish Mid-Length Bob?

Medium Bob Haircuts

Are you thinking of changing up hair but can’t decide on a new look? Torn between letting your hair grow or chopping it off? How about a medium bob?

A medium bob is a perfect compromise between a long hairstyle and a short haircut. With most mid-length bob cuts, you will still be able to pull your hair back in a cute updo or half updo hairstyle.

Bob haircuts have been around for many years and due to their versatility, they will probably be around for many more. There are many types of bobs from short bobs such as the French bob to longer bobs or lobs. But a medium bob is the ideal choice for those who want a mid-length cut that leaves room for a multitude of styling options.

One of the best things about medium bobs is that you can also play around with hair color. This style provides many fun and stylish options for both subtle or bold hair color choices!

A medium bob haircut does come with some commitment as you will have to get it trimmed regularly to maintain this trendy cut. However, once you get an awesome bob haircut, you will be hooked so there is not going back!

What Are the Different Types of Medium Bobs?

  1. A-line Bob: The A-line bob is one the most popular styles for medium bobs. It is great if you want a sleek and polished cut. The hair is shorter in the back and gradually gets longer toward the front.
  2. Asymmetrical Bob: An asymmetrical bob is one that is longer on one side than the other. This is a great style if you are looking for an edgy cut. The difference in length can vary from drastically short one side as opposed to long on the other or just a subtle difference. This type of cut really makes a statement so it is not for the faint of heart.
  3. Blunt Bob: A blunt bob is one that is cut the same length all the way around. It is another polished and refined look if you are looking for a dignified look.
  4. Graduated/Inverted Bob: A graduated bob is a variation of the A-line bob that is drastically longer in the front and sides than the back.
  5. Shaggy Bob: A shaggy bob is a bob cut that has razored or choppy ends to add body or texture.
  6. Side-Shaved Bob: A shaved bob is a variation of an asymmetrical bob in which the one or both sides of the hair are shaved. This style is also often accompanied by a stylish hair tattoo for an edgy vibe.
  7. Stacked bob: Stacked bobs are angled bobs that are rounded in the back and cut into gradual layers to add texture and volume.
  8. Undercut Bob: An undercut bob is similar to a shaved bob in that either the sides or back of your hair are shaved or cut very short. You can leave your hair longer on the top so that the undercut is only visible when your hair is pulled back. An undercut is another great way to sport a trendy hair tattoo.

Now that you know a little more about bob hairstyles, you can choose which medium bob will best suit your style!

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