Men’s Luxury Wallet Styles & Which One Suits You?

There’s no man who doesn’t dream of the perfect wallet. One that carries all the things you want, is slim, but also stylish. Often overlooked because it sits in your pocket, a wallet makes a great statement, especially when you go to pay for something or want to hand out your business card.

But why splurge on a luxury men’s wallet? The answer is durability. A well-made leather wallet is going to outlast any other type of wallet on the market. Your investment will be secure, and there’s a lot of choice on the market. So, here are the men’s wallet styles commonly found on the luxury market.

The Men’s Wallet Styles of Today

Once upon a time, men only had to choose from one wallet style, maybe two. Now, the options are endless.

The Bifold Wallet

You know of this wallet. It’s the most popular and timeless choice for all gentlemen. This wallet folds in half and is quite slim (but this depends on how much you carry in it, and its structure). Often in a bifold wallet, you can find card slots, ID pockets, coin pockets, bill compartments and open pockets.  If you want to elevate this simple wallet style, you can always opt for something monogrammed.

The Trifold Wallet

These wallets have their name as they fold out into thirds. For men, the thirds fold out horizontally, for women’s wallets they fold out vertically (but you can really have whichever one you want, regardless of gender). This design means the wallet is bulkier than a traditional bifold wallet but is also often smaller in size. This wallet has more card slots than the average bifold and often has a fold-out ID section as well.

The Zipper Wallet

The zipper wallet is essentially a bifold wallet that has an outer zipper closure which will keep the contents of the wallet from falling out. This means the wallet can overall carry less but is more secure. It’s a great recommendation for people travelling or those who carry loose receipts and cash.

The Hipster Wallet

These wallets are also known as attaché wallets and are like larger bifold. They are taller and wider than bifold are typically more about the aesthetic and are worn by dressier individuals and professionals who want to stand out. It’s a great option if you want to stand out from the crowd of bifolds.

The Card Holder

On the fashion scene, luxury brands like Louis Vuitton are offering cardholders. These wallets are designed to hold only credit cards, gift cards, medical cards and ID to name a few. Some have inner pockets that allow you to hold multiple cards and folded cash, depending on your needs. This is a fantastic choice if you just don’t use coins.

The Chain Wallet

This wallet recently came back into trend. The chain wallet was popularised by bikers during the ’90s grunge scene and was used to prevent wallets from falling out of back pockets and into the street. The wallet is attached to the rider’s belt loop with a wallet chain, and although it began as a practical option, now it’s a great option for street style and grunge lovers out there.

The Coat Wallet

You may not have seen this wallet regularly, but it’s a fantastic option. The coat wallet, also known as a long wallet, suit wallet or breast wallet is one that is made for suit coat pockets. The defining feature is that cash is inserted flat and doesn’t need to be folded, which leaves plenty of space for credit cards. This is often a good choice if you want to impress in the corporate world as many men see this as a status symbol.

The Chequebook Wallet

The chequebook wallet is essentially a longer bifold wallet that can carry your checks. That being said, not a lot of people use checks these days, so now you’ll see them being used as a variant of a regular bifold for people who want to carry paper receipts and cash. As well as people who need thank you cards or the like.

The Money Clip Wallet

This wallet is often shaped like a bifold but doesn’t have a bill compartment front and centre. This is more designed to hold a selection of bills, or perhaps a selection of cards, or a mix of cards and cash, all under one convenient clip. These are super slim and great for a night out as they can fit in your pockets without the bulk. Under this style you can also find a unique offering, it’s a money clip wallet that comes along with credit card slots on the other side. This is a great option for those who want slimmer options.

Now that you have all the options, you know some of the more popular options on the market and can make an informed decision.