Zaful’s Success Story and Why

Zaful is an online market store focused on the sale of clothing and fashion items for men and women. Founded in 2013, in Hong Kong, it has now become an international brand. Zaful is into the sale of fashionable wears at a meager price, which makes them different from other online market stores that produce stylish wears. For you to know more about Zaful, you have to understand what makes them unique as well as what Zaful has to offer you.


Price is something about Zaful that is unique. The brand offers its clothing at meager amounts, especially in comparison to others. There is a different price cut system in terms of percentages as you buy. If you shop through their app, you get some price slash. If you get referred through Snapchat and depending on your location, a certain percentage is also off. If you have a student membership, a specific discount is offered with free shipping included in the package. There is also a discount whenever you buy some particular clothing items. The discount is also present when a specific quantity and when you buy up to a certain amount. The low cost and the discount rates have contributed to the growth and success of Zaful.

Social media and Ads

Zaful uses social media to get the attention of potential buyers, which has contributed to its success immensely. Zaful researches who their potential customers are, and they tend to find them. With social media has a good avenue for seeing potential customers, Zaful uses ads to target its audience. Zaful makes use of Snapchat and Instagram audience, targeting them with Ads and encouraging them, especially females, to visit their site. The way Zaful engages its audience is impressive, especially with Instagram, in which Zaful not only makes use of Ads but also through influencer marketing.

With the market influencers on Instagram, there is more individualized goods promotion as well as localized marketing. Localized marketing is because more than half of their followers are in their home countries. Since most of the followers of the influencers are in the same localization, the advertisement comes easy. The can better market and convince their influencers and engage them more in a personal way. All this has brought considerable growth to Zaful.


Flash sales and giveaways have also helped Zaful to become successful as a leading online retailer. Through flash sales and giveaways, it has been able to engage its audience regularly. If you follow Zaful’s Instagram page, you will get to see a lot of flash sales and giveaways. The requirements to participate in the giveaway are also straightforward, such as you have to like and comment, follow an account or tag specific hashtag. With the flash sales and giveaways coming out regularly, Zaful can create a buzz and increase its sales and success.


Zaful has come a long way and probably still has a lot more to achieve. It has grown immensely since its inception in 2013 in Hong Kong. With deliveries all around the world, low price, adverts, giveaways, flash sales, target audience, and other ways it engages its audience, Zaful can only grow bigger.